Friday, January 2, 2009

Will Rachelle Spector Be Fined?

If Rachelle Spector is indeed responsible for taking pictures in the courthouse and putting them up on her alleged website , she may face consequences from Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Joe Friday believes the following may apply regarding taking pictures in Superior Court:

These procedures are to ensure the security and efficient handling of cases and events in the County Courthouse. No filming, photography or electronic recording is permitted in the courthouse except as permitted in the courtroom consistent with California Rules of Court, Rule 980, or in the courthouse consistent with specific court rules or orders. These procedures have been developed for the protection of all parties and are subject to modification based on specific circumstances or wishes of an individual trial court judge in the courtroom, or Superior or Municipal Court assistant presiding or presiding judge or supervising judge of the courthouse. Violation of these orders will result in contempt of court or monetary sanction pursuant to Code of Civil Procedures 177.5.

The Judge warned Spector's attorney that the Court takes this matter seriously, BUT the pictures remain posted. When the trial resumes, we have a feeling that this matter will be addressed by the Court, if indeed this site belongs to Ms. Spector. RS will not like writing a check or even possibly seeing the color Orange, we suspect. The Phil Spector trial resumes Monday Jan 5th....Let's see when the pictures come down.........

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Ferguson said...

Joe Friday,
First of all, Happy New Year to you. We at are enjoying what you have to say and hope you continue the good work.

Do you _really_ think a monetary slap on the wrist would make a dent on RS? Isn't she's spending PS's money? I believe PS would be the one who would be P'Oed....

Is barring RS from the courtroom at all a possibility? It's my opinion--and many others I have spoken with hold the same one--that Judge Fidler has gone pretty soft on RS in the past.

The other question we all have is....and we'd love your take on it: Is PS actually CONDONING this behavior? Does he want her to be kicked out of the courtroom? Doesn't he realize at this point what an albatross this woman is around his neck? Would like to know your spin on this. Thanks, Joe.