Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phil Spector Trial Tuesday January 27th ~ In N Out, That's What A Hamburger's All About

Court suspended, Ms Truc Do is sick. In an unusual turn of events, today's day in court was abbreviated to little more than an hour of arguments. DW presented points of law that appeared to Joe to be a desperate attempt to persuade the court to allow a "psyche autopsy". Then DW, in another feeble attempt, also stated that Dr Lyn Herold had not been keeping up with her hours, so why should he have to do the same? The Court quickly said, then send me any relevant information about this and I will have it subpoenaed. And that was it.

Man, that In N Out Burger was good……but Joe must tell you that later on in the day, he needed a Pepcid to make it. Lots of chatter around the courthouse about the upcoming site visit...keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on this site.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, A quick and complete recovery for Ms. Truc Do is my wish today. Also today I hope to be enlightened as to how DW can continue to try to stretch and bend the law to his liking in this case. AJ alone there yesterday, and on point as usual does not surprise me. He can do anything.

DW ....concerning the fountain...
turning into Pinocchio..lies will get you every time.

OH JOE, the burger did you in on Tuesday? Use caution there, we know that a Sloppy Joe is not on your menu ... at least not now.

Thanks again, you sure fit the bill
these days.