Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weinberg Winds Up, WAY Back, He's Stretching it deep, Phil Spector Trial Thursday Jan 8th

Well Joe has seen it all, well maybe not like this, but now Phil Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg, is taking things to new level of realms. Now Lana committed suicide because:

Weinberg: The Stretch...The pitch...Her 4 grandparents were alcoholics...( I do remember my dad drinking beer on the weekend pretty heavily tho) Now that's a good one. Ball One

The Stretch...The Pitch...Lana smoked marijuana since she was 13. Oh well I "hear" that stuff really makes you "mellow" and you want to watch "Animal House' and laugh or something like that. Just speculating you understand. Ball 2

Well here's a good one too... Lana's parents were hippies...well big freakin deal...I was too....they were probably mellow too....Ball 3

How much can they trash her and her family? Srike 1

Oh yeah, the myspace, is it up, or down page, must have worked kinda....a few new "who is that guy" showed up but left at afternoon break. Oh well..maybe next week they will have time to stay longer.

Damnit, where is Mick Jagger when we need him. Now that would fill some seats..$100 bucks a ticket, split 50/50 with Phil/Prosecution ..ya get Phil to record Mick live before court starts and ya put out the album...good for the economy??

As Joe would say..just the facts maam..just the facts
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Anonymous said...

Weinberg's losing it... Of course his own client is a mega-mega alcoholic who appears to be severely manic depressive. Methinks Weinberg is projecting. He most certainly is grasping at straws.

Why am I getting the impression he wishes he'd never taken on this case?

Ferguson said...


Why would ANYONE want to take on Spector's case? Look at the string of lawyers who were hired...and fired...