Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Phil Speaks in Court ~ His wife disses the Court ~ BIG Fireworks in Court

Joe Friday thought he had seen everything, but Thursday January 29, was a doozy. First in the morning, lots of quibbling among the lawyers with the jury outside the courtroom. I think Spector's attorney won something, but the arm wrestling between DA Alan Jackson & Doron Weinberg just about ended in a draw.

Back on the stand now, Mr Stuart James, remember, he's the the defense forensic science witness that has charged Team Spector $70,000 so far for his "expert analysis". Alan Jackson had this guy on the ropes from Round 1. He shot down material even published in the expert's OWN Forensic Science Book. Mr James responded and admitted , "well that paticular passage has come under some fire".

Alan Jackson is the pro's pro. He just has a way about him that is so believable and then he puts the hammer down. His often funny remarks, along with his down home humor, and good guy style, makes this cat unstoppable. Don't know what they pay AJ, but he desrves a raise.

He still has Mr. James on the stand, and buddy, let me tell you he is getting Mr James to say all the right words...and this is a DEFENSE witness!!! Then Mr Jackson, whips out his new toy, a plum bob. He makes Mr James demonstrate to the enraptured jurors, what happens to blood when it is dropped straight down, as in this plum bob. Brilliant demonstration.

Then the real fireworks begin involving guess who....that's right Ms. Rachelle Spector. The "bad girl" of Room 109 seems like she wants to make this trial disapear, like in a mistrial maybe?

Seems Chelle' was taking pictures in the courthouse again and this time it did not go unoticed. The Public Information officers said Ms Spector was AGAIN observed taking photos in the courthouse and has been told not to by the Judge. Taking pictures outside the courthouse is ok...inside..izxnay on the camera.

Ms Spector NEVER ONCE stood up as the Judge addressed her. ER, Ms Spector, I don't think Judge Larry Paul Fidler is kidding this time. Your butt is going to jail if there is one more incident.

Meanwhile something that rarely happens..PHIL " FREAKIN" SPECTOR WANTED TO SPEAK!!!!

In his low, raspy shaking voice, Phil tells the Judge he has been coming to the court for 2 years now ( Wonder why? ) and has been taking pictures with lawyers, deputys, so called fans, MY SPACE followers, sympathetic wellwishers, and judges ( JF quickly throws in a "not with this Judge " comment).

Spector says he doesn't think it's anybody's bizwack to try and take poor Chelle's camera. (BTW there was a slight scuffle in the hallway as the Public Information Officers tried to inspect Chelle's camera and Phil's body guard acted like he wanted to throw his weight around.) So scuffle, scuffle, scuffle, I want the camera, Rachelle at the same time, scrambling to delete the pictures she just took inside the courthouse ...what a remarkable scene and Judge Fidler is waiting inside and he is PISSSED.

"Mrs Spector, this is the second time with the pictures." Ms. Spector, never stands up to address the court in a respectful manner. She smuggly denies taking the first pictures of the first incident. The Judge says next time it happens, "SOMEBODY'S GOING TO JAIL".

AJ is on a roll. Every question, every answer make this DEFENSE witness sound like he's a prosecution witness.

Next..the camera fight begins.......claws are up in this one AND has anyone noticed that on www.Rachelle, the nasty comments about LA's most famous crime blogger are gone? Bout time. It took them about a month to take down. Now, it's an almost a blank page, cept for the Mrs Rachelle Spector headline, and I love my husband...he's innocent...and we've been together for five years, yeah us, blah, blah, blah.. This is such childish stuff, Jeez Louise.

Joe's prediction...Rachelle Spector will soon be spending time in a orange jumpsuit and no blankie......If Phil got up and spoke today...does this mean that he will take the stand in his own defense, as he did in defense of his wife's silly camera? Cmon Phil, batter up!

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Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts...


Anonymous said...

Oh Joe, this junior high scene has been tried before by this part of Team Spector. Much the same mouthy action, some people just do not get better with age.

Chelle grabbing and deleting...typical.

Throwing your bodyguard under the bus so to speak...downright despicable

Phil, speaking...scary.
Might have some kind of credibility if he was trying to save his life instead of his camera.

The little Mister and Misses in orange jumpsuits that is priceless.....

Joe it seems you are a person of good taste and have seen fit to tell us just what our favorite prosecutor did to give the old one-two to the defense witness. Thanks for that. I do not think they could ever pay him enough for his brilliant actions in that courtroom. I have to believe his rewards are more in seeing justice done and knowing he may have had some small part in the healing of the hearts of the victim's family.
Helping to make it possible for them to go on after the trial is finished.

By not seeing this trial we have missed some great trial law. By the prosecution.

You have given us eyes into that courtroom. Whether it is an expert on the ropes, batter up, or a firecracker fizzling out, we have a ring side seat because of you. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

How's Weinberg looking? Not too happy he took the case?

Anonymous said...

What will Rachelle do when her husband is convicted? What is wrong with her?

Anonymous said...

Joe, these week ends without a blog are getting more and more difficult to handle man. YOU have a group of loyal followers who really enjoy your down to earth words from the courtroom. Please do not let anything or anyone stop your good work here.

Oh to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom. Thanks Joe.