Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Blood Spatter 101 Class ~ According to Defense Witness

Ya Gotta give it to Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg. He made defense witness Stuart James actually do a blood splatter 101 class for the entire court to see. Not only that, they brought it the ACTUAL CHAIR LANA CLARKSON WAS KILLED IN!

Mr. Weinberg felt a little drama was due, but one look at Lana's Mom, Donna, and you knew it was gruesome. Ms Clarkson had to put up a kleenex to her face...the actual chair that her daughter was last sitting in. Wow, and guess what, Joe's position in the courtroom is good and I swear I saw a tear run down her eye.

Ok so back to Mr James. He makes $ 250 an hour to give results that favor the truth.
He charges $ 250 per hour plus expenses like airfare, hotel, meals, etc.

He works for the DA's office 20 % of the time and 80% for the defense. Nice averages!

His price so far????Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller?? Ok, he has billed Mr Spector $70,000 so far.

Joe knews this dude James is qualified, but some of the questions he was asked were so lame.
DW: You're a member of the Forensic Scientists or whatever it was , correct?

James: Well, "we haven't actually met in the two years", but when we do, we yippee tie one on. Ok so he didn't say the last part...but "haven't met in 2 years" strikes Joe, odd????

I mean DW was fishing today...trolling the expert for theories....trying to shoot holes in Dr Lyn Herold's conclusions..the only problem..this witness has had training in small cities you may never have heard of. Yes he did work in Tucson, but that's about it.

By the way some individual left the courtroom in a hurry because thier cell phone beeped and wasn't allowed back in . Joe's advice to all the non-pros out there.....Leave youre cell phones out. Later!
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Just the facts ma'am, just the facts....


Anonymous said...

Spector will be convicted. Mark my words.

I bet Weinberg wishes he'd never taken this loser of a case.

Anonymous said...

DW fishing might not be a good idea Joe. That long nose of his grows daily due to his constant habit of telling the non truth of his actions. HE LIES. With a penchant so strong and a nose so long he had better watch out for that white and sharp minded shark in the courtroom who does tell the truth and seeks justice in this case. Alan Jackson is the big fish in this pond. I can only imagine who the pond scum might be.