Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lana Clarkson's "Voice" Rises in the Courtroom at The Phil Spector Trial

That's right folks, you heard me right. Wednesday in trial here in Los Angeles, Joe Friday, closed his eyes and heard Lana "speak". Now don't get frightened that 714 is a channeler, asst. DA , Ms Truc Do read into record so many e-mails written from Lana that I lost count. Since Spector's attorney, Doron Weinberg only read 4 of these e-mails (and used selected passages) Truc Do read most ALL of them in their entirety. It was a tedious exercise, but most effective Joe thinks.

It was eerie, I'm telling you. What you missed was that Lana WAS a very positive person who not only had a dream, she also helped out her fans who were persuing their acting dream.

She "talked" to us today.....she said many times over and over, I'm looking forward to the future......Now getting even more eerie she wrote, after breaking her wrists in a fall , I can't wait for The "Trials and Tribulations" to be over...ring a bell?????

Truc Do also asked Dr Pena to look on the big screen at a smiling, vivacious Lana Clarkson. The picture stayed up ALL morning. Chill bump time.

TD: Could a gun have been shoved down that smiling face? (Over the objections of Weinberg.)

The answer from Dr Pena is "Yes"

"Could her mouth been wide open"?

Could the bruise on her tongue be caused by Phil Spector ramming the gun down her mouth?

Lana Clarkson had jobs waiting for her in February. This, as Truc Do and Dr. Pena said , was not a woman who was looking to commit suicide, especially at a stranger's house, on the first encounter. Doesn't happen. End of story? We'll see on Thursday when Mr. Weinberg starts his grilling of Dr Pena, the poor man.

On a side note, after court had ended, Phil & his wife Rachelle came back because Phil had left some notes at the desk. While not noticing that other people could hear her, Rachelle said something to the effect that something smells here, looking straight at the one and only Sprocket. Then she laughed....but it wasn't funny, just catty. The courtroom was virtually empty at this point, but the comment was duly I told you, the circus is coming to town, but Badge 714 will be on top of it!

Oh yes, forgot to mention that the legions of fans did not show up today, except for 2 new guys sitting with Rachelle. Oh well, I am sure they will when the defense starts their case in the forseeable future.......


Anonymous said...

Pretty hard to hope your supporters show up if you suddenly snatch the info in regards to it down.

Talk about leaving your fans in the dark.

Pretty crappy way to treat them IMO.

Anonymous said...

Spector's going down. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Rachele Spector's rude remark only shows her true colors -- her lack of character and class. She needs to ask herself why she hates Sprocket so. Hatred always reflects poorly on the hater, not the hatee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe,

Love your blog! I'm so glad that I found it. I'm also a big Sprocket fan. It's great having two blogs to go to for news on the Spector Retrial. Keep up the good work :)

katfish said...

I can only remember Sprocket saying one negative comment about Rachelle and that was during the first trial....but that might happen to anyone who chose to wear gold lame' to court. Another example of shoot the messenger.IMO

The Truth Hurts said...

OK-resubmitting this comment.

I hope Rachelle goes to hell because she puts everyone around her through it.

She is so possessive of Spector that she denies access to female friends of his who care (ask Michelle Blaine-she knows of at least 4 of them), Rachelle Spector denies access to Spector from his adopted kids, and I seriously wonder if she's the one "wearing the pants" in this relationship.
Instead of healing wounds, she rubs salt in them and therefore
hurts Spector in the long run. He needs to get some balls and tell her enough is enough, for his own good and for the good of people who really care about him.

Anonymous said...

In response to: "The Truth Hurts", I'm sorry but I'm NOT buying that. Spector seems to TAKE and GET whatever he wants. I have a hard time believing a NOBODY like Chelle would have any control or say-so over Phil. And LONG before Rachelle arrived on the scene, Spector had already chosen to exclude his adopted kids (as you refer to them) from his life.

Joe - Thanks for providing additional coverage of PS2. I thoroughly enjoy your articles.