Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Dominick Dunne's Prediction ~ Joe Friday

Well here it is...as promised...The prediction of the legendary Dominick Dunne regarding the outcome of this case. A while back, Joe asked Mr. Dunne for his autograph and prediction of the outcome. Now it's here for all to see. First the cover of the autographed book.

Dominick wrote "See ya in Court"

Now the prediction......

Our thoughts go out to Mr. Dunne, he's a real trooper. If you haven't read
"Justice" or any of his other books, do yourself a favor and pick one up.
Just the facts ma'am,
just the facts
Joe Friday
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See ya May 29th

Monday, April 13, 2009

Phil Spector Guilty Murder 2

Phil has been led off to jail by deputies.....Guilty Murder 2,later Phil

Joe will publish a picture soon of Dominick Dunne's prediction of the outcome of this case. He put in writing and personnally gave it to Joe...stay tuned

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Doron Whineberg Grasps for Bloggers ~ A Juror Has the Flu

Well Joe has seen it all...a defense attorney now blaming bloggers for messing up his strategy. Oh, and the LA Times online editorial that prompted him to get his NSA suicide stats on the record in the Times...remember they were disallowed by Judge Fidler in Whineberg's closing arguments.

This conduct is beyond crazy. It is ridiculous that Whineberg accused a blogger ( I almost stood up ) of reporting information before he knew it. Hello are you awake Mr. Whineberg??? The court clerk announced it..Then Mr Whineberg ( am I spelling his name wrong?)wants to go to the Judge's chamber to discuss the matter. Ooops, er sorry Doron, let's keep this in the courtroom, Fidler responds. Whinberg says he really doesn't read blogs but someone has informed him (Chelle?)that these pesky bloggers are making his life miserable....oh how horrific. He really believes that these "bloggers" have ties to the Prosecution....Whineberg clarifies that his comments were online only and that you had to go look for it..Uh Doron have you heard of a Google Search for Phil Spector. We urge you to pay attention...then Wendy, Judge Fidler's clerk speaks up when Mr. Weinberg first talks about this and tells him that he was called. She then adds, "For the record, I’ve announced it to the PIO and they announce it to the court."

Joe, over & out

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ The Defense Does A David Letterman in Closing Arguements ~ Will Stupid Pet Tricks Be Next?

The Letterman thing....Doron Weinberg's Top 14 reason's why Phil Spector is innocent...

Well Joe was in the Courtroom to watch Phil Spector Defense attorney, Doron Weinberg do his thing. Things started off like they almost always do-Weinberg either asking for a mistrial or protesting ( a day late ) that in her closing arguments, Ms. Truc Do used a picture of Judge Fidler, describing for the record, where a witness was pointing to blood material on Lana Clarkson's hand. Your honor, said Mr Weinberg, The Prosecution misused the Judge's image in this trial and it looks as though the jury could concur that you are a witness. DA Alan Jackson stood by the call, and the Judge agreed that no harm was done.

In low tones, Doron Weinberg started his closing arguments. He claimed he would put on a straight forward case. Weinberg continued that it had been a long case and thanked the jury for their patience (no kidding ) and told them how great it was hearing the laughter and bonding that was going on in the jury room. (Brown Noser?)Maybe so, but I observed more than one juror who looked fed up, tired and ready to go home.

Weinberg continued...I'm sure you as a jury could say, it looks like Phillip could have done it. You could also probably say he probably did it, but we think you are the kind of people who really listened to the evidence.......we feel you are honest ,fair people.

Then Weinberg trashes Dr Lynn Herold.....Don't you remember, Weinberg asked her "Can you say that Phil Spector pulled the trigger? Answer No
Of course she can't say that...only ONE person can, and he didn't take the stand.

Now Weinberg trashes ALL the women who took the witness stand against Phillip. I guess he has to ..bad idea Joe thinks.....DA Alan Jackson almost finished his closing and that comes tommorrow. Tick, Tock, Tick Tock, the silence of Jackson's clock quieted the courtroom today. He stopped and paused for 1 solid minute..some jurors put their head down...think if Jackson had silence for a full 40 minutes, indicating the time it took police to get in Spector's house...What happened in those 40 long minutes??

You know what..I can't write anymore about this crap.....it's OVER...I am done..and I will finish with what Doron Weinberg said in his closing arguments to the jury
" Looks like he did it, you could probably say he did it"...Joe is DONE, OVER WITH IT
Joe thinks so is Phil......

Monday, March 23, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Prosecution States Their Case ~ Monday March 23 ~ The Shifting Sands of the Defense ~ The Defense Objects ~ The Judge Overules

Well folks, it's finally coming to an end. The courtroom was PACKED and this morning the prosecution's Truc Do laid it all out...and in my humble opinion, in a convincing manner. Ms. Do was methodical while telling the jury that Spector defense attorney Doron Weinberg will come to them with a few snippets of cherry picked quotes, e-mails and hired experts to refute the 40 year positive history of Lana Clarkson. She also said to watch him ignore over 12,000 positive e-mails that were never considered by his 'cash a paycheck' defense witnesses.

She told the story of Lana through the effective statements of five other women that testified that when Spector drank, he became a demonic monster. Objection screamed Weinberg, but he was quickly overuled by Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Ms. Do also argued that Weinberg had tried to confuse the jury many times with what she called "shifting sands" of the defense. When something did not work, they tried something else. Even the backdrop of her video presentation was a picture of sand blowing freely. She claimed that Weinbeg used evidence to his convenience during his opening arguments. For example, Weinberg. she claims, completly manipulated where the blood spatter on Lana Clarkson's wrist and hand was found. To prove this, she used slo-mo camera action of Judge Fidler that showed, for the record, what one prosecution witness saw ...blood on the back of the wrist and not where Weinberg tried to place it.

The use of video was also quite effective as the jury saw Diane Ogden tell about her harrowing episode with Spector. Ms. Do hammered the point home that when Phil drank, his demeanor changed, drastically. She showed pictures and quotes of five other women who all testified that Mr. Spector tortured them with a gun. The 6th person, Lana Clarkson was the unlucky one.

Ms. Do also let the jury know that "consciouness of guilt" can be used. For example, Mr. Spector confessed...Mr. Spector had 40 minutes to roam his house, washing his hands, wiping the gun, all the while ignoring 14 phones in his "castle" that he could have used to make a 911 call. She urged the jury to use their common sense. She said all of these actions point towards a guilty person. At the end of her argument the screen showed comments from Phil like "Women are all fucking cunts, and they all deserve a bullet in the head". The pictures of a blood soaked Lana Clarkson silenced the packed courtroom, as Ms. Do let the quotes and pictures speak for Lana. It was eerily quiet for a few minutes and then it was over.

Since the Prosecution only used half a day for their closing, Doron Weinberg told the Judge he could not start his argument today and the Judge ordered the jurors back to court on Tuesday morning.

Joe thinks this was good strategy, but also thinks that Weinberg may need a week to change his one shot closing arguments, after Ms. Do TOLD the jury what he would say. Tommorrow, Weinberg and then DA Alan Jackson steps to the plate. Watch out...the fireworks are far from over.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Linda Kenny Badin ~ The Woman In Black Returns ~ Dominic Dunne Predicts the Outcome!

Joe is back and here to report that today's court session saw former Spector attorney Linda Kenney Baden show up as a guest..or was it an urgent call from Phil for a rescue??? Ms Baden was dressed in black from head to toe, maybe in mourning or just to hide a few things. Oh, that was so bad, Joe.

The Prosecution closed their rebuttal case today, leaving Spector attorney Doron Weinberg to call I am not sure who, to rebut I don't know what. If he calls The Pie, she will be grilled about the Christmas letter that accused Spector of taking her "friend" Lana's life. Not a good idea, in Joe's opinion.

Called today was Nick Terazin, Lana's print agent. He had gotten Lana a job that was to start a few week's after her death. Lana was looking forward to this job, so suicide seems a bit of a stretch since she was ready to get back to work.

Closing arguments could begin next Monday.

As far as Dominick Dunne's prediction of the outcome of the case, I will tell you this...When he came to Court, I asked him to autograph one of his books and write down his opinion of the outcome. When the trial is over, I will tell you what he wrote. Want to guess????

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts
Joe Friday
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Monday March 9th ~ TRU TV's Lisa Bloom Sets Witness Greg Sims Straight ~ Why Did He Change His Testimony?

Sometimes Tru TV doesn't give people a Tru picture of their personality. Lisa Bloom, the court reporter for TRU TV took the witness stand today as a Prosecution out of order witness and she was teriffic AND BEAUTIFUL! She was there to counter the testimony of DEFENSE witness Greg Sims. She basically shot Greg Sims in the foot.

Once again, a defense witness has now gone over to the prosecution side.

Folks, Doron Weinberg has his solo work cut out for him. Joe feels this jury is ready for the trial to be over, as they had to listen to Mr Weinberg pontificate over & over & over. Outside the presence of the jury, WE had to listen to the endless whining of what the Prosecution could and could not do, according to Doron "play with my lip" Weinberg.

Ms Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, told the jury that she interviwed Greg Sims
( Lana's "friend") during the 1st Trial on TV and she told the jury that basically his testimony changed?????

Once again, Asst DA Truc Do took on DEFENSE expert Dr."Did I Say That" Seiden and again effectively dressesd him down.

Also, Rachelle Spector's plea's for defense courtroom spectator support has fallen apart. The "support" consisted of Weinberg's wife, Chelle's Mom, and Defense investigator Tawny Tindle. PLEASE, SOMEBODY COME TO COURT TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR PHIL...IT'S EMBARRASSING THAT HIS FRIENDS HAVE ABANDONDED HIM...HELP.....SEND THE CALVARY!

Other witnesses today caused Joe to take a nap. Can I say they need Pepsi Max in the vending machine. Would have sold like crazy today.

More tommorrow, but for now,
Just the facts ma'am, just the facts

Joe Friday
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Dr. " Did I Say That"? Sedin, March 5th

WOW is all Joe can say...what a day in court. I will let others tell you the sordid details, but let's put it this way, Asst DA Truc Do professionally dismantled defense expert Dr Sedin.

She ate his lunch.

I can't tell you how many times the sometimes confused witness said..."Did I Say That?", in reference to a hotly contested recorded interview he gave to the Prosecution recently.

Did I say hotly contested??? Both Doron Weinberg & DA Alan Jackson battled until Judge Fidler stopped them both. Slaps on the wrist to the both of them from Judge Fidler.

Dr Sedin wrote no report on his seven months of work. It was determined that Mr Weinberg was the author of the script?

There was ENDLESS discussions on the % of people who thought about jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge????

You know what...I can't write anymore dribble about how this case seems to stray from the facts...and you know Joe is all about
the facts, ma'am, just the facts.

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Phil Spector Trial ~ Tears from Jennifer Hayes Reidel ?? ~ Pepcid

Don't know if ole Jennifer read what Joe observed last time when "Lana's " good friend was on the stand, cause she let loose Wednesday. When asked about Lana by Spector attorney Doron Weinberg, she got emotional, her eyes were red as Ms. Hayes-Reidel could barely contain herself. She was there to tell the " truth " about Lana. Most of those Joe talked to said she was not believeable and once again the witness lost her cool with Asst DA Truc Do. A no-no for a defense witness. Last week after answering questions from Ms. Do, Hayes would answer and then sometimes mutter under her breath the word...unbelievable

Then when asked by Ms. Do what she does now, she lashed out that this trial has ruined her life, she will never speak to the press again. Promise? Trying to answer a question, Ms Hayes blurted out “ I am sick to my stomach”. (cue the Pepcid). She told the jury she has lost everything because of this trial.

Guess what, so did somebody else.....

Truc Do once again calmly hammered at inconsistent statements by the witness.

More on the next witness soon, BUT Mr Weinberg did indicate that he will possibly wrap up this week which probably means no expert testimony from Michael "a-ha moment" Badin. Does this mean that Pie will be the last witness. Joe sure hopes so, as the furs will fly...book it Dan'o.

The Court will help assist Mr. Weinberg, as court will be in session this Friday as well. Think the Judge is ready for a vacation? Think Phil & Chelle are ready for a staycation???

Well Joe just heard that court MAY NOT be on for this Friday, maybe next Friday...oh the legal manuevering...

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts

Joe Friday
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ NO Court on Tuesday ~ Phil Spector has Surgical Procedure

Well folks, for some reason Phil had a surgical procedure over the weekend and Court was cancelled on Monday & Tuesday. There is a possibility of Court resuming Wednesday. The alleged surgery that Phil may have had was reportedly for throat nodules and had been planned earlier but for some reason postponed until now.

This of course slows down the trial process and the notion that Spector Attorney Doron Weinberg said there was only two more weeks left in the trial is not going to happen. Heck, it could take that long for Pie.

Just the facts, ma'am
Just the facts.
Joe Friday
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What, me worry?