Monday, January 5, 2009

Weinberg Theory in Phil Spector case, Lana Clarkson, Vicodin, +, Alcohol, + Benadryl = Suicide

Well if you were in court on Monday Jan 5th at the Phil Spector trial, you would have thought that Lana Clarkson, who had a .011 alcohol level, a small amount of Vicodin (with it's long half life, no one could tell when she last took one ) and the over the counter medication Benadryl, was the real reason Lana Clarkson possibly committed suicide, according to Spector attorney Doran Weinberg.

Weinberg also got what he wanted today..a psychological autospy. This ruling by Judge Fidler let Weinberg run "loose" with all kinds of "Did you consider Dr Pena. "This" meaning 2 sentences of a long e-mail from Lana to a friend that talked about depression. Weinberg hammered Dr Pena with "what" things Lana wrote like, "This has been the worst year of my life". kidding, she broke both of her wrists...Joe would be damn depressed too.

Most all of Weinberg's qustions were in the accusatory tone that, at times, is insulting. "You mean to tell me you didn't consider this" (insert your theory here)???

Sure he's doing his job, but c'mon, he can't read correct dates on evidence items, drops papers all over the floor, and in general, Joe feels, is baiting the jury with the Lana Clarkson "drug & alcohol" theory.

Don't get Joe wrong, because the defense did get in points as Dr Pena had to admit to some errors in his previous testimony, but overall Dr Pena said it at least 2 or 3 times, "No Mr Weinberg it is clear that this was a homicide on the totality of the evidence presented to me".

The Prosecution will be up on Tuesday. Should be interesting. Dr Pena held his ground, often looking directly at the jury. And talking about looking at the jury, Phil Spector stared so hard at them today it was silly, as he stood up for 15-20 seconds after everyone had taken their seat....staring ever so hard at the jury. He must have missed them since the Holiday Break?? Stay tuned...

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Sprocket said...

Dr. Pena made it clear in one of his responses that Lana's level of vicodin in her body at the time of hWr death was an "accumulated" amount.

Lana's blood alcohol level is mentioned again.

When asked questions about what physical symptoms are experienced from drinking alcohol, Dr. Pena pointed out that some people can develop a tolerance to alcohol and (I believe he added that at Ms. Clarkson's level) she could have behaved perfectly normal.