Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Doron Weinberg Asks "Was it a Wrist Job or a Hand Job?

Holy Moly Joe!!! Opening day for the defense!!!Exciting stuff.! Chelle was there with a few friends and the tension rose as Dr. Lakkshnanan was the first witness to be called. Joe wonders the choice, but Mr Weinberg is Phil's expert!.. Hans Solo..

Phil's hands shake when the jury walks in....Weinberg grills the Dr. (as a good defense attorney should do) and guess what..it took 30, maybe 45 minutues to for Mr Weinberg have the good Dr. agree to the terminology of the location of one speck of blood that was maybe on the inner wrist, outer wrist, dorsal wrist, palm of the hand, center of the hand, ...whatever.....Where does the hand start and the wrist stop..or was it where does the wrist start and the hand stop. I don't know about you my friends, but the last time I saw a dorsal , it was attached to a botlle-nosed dolphin that I saw doing a back flip as I stood watching the sunset off the end of the Santa Monica Pier. Speaking of sunsets...oh never mind.
Court resumes...

Joe's take is , DW is trying to poke holes in the MOD ( Mode of Death ) He tries to make an end run but over the objections of DA Alan Jackson. Stopped on the ten yard line!

It's like trying to basically accuse the Dr's staff of being incompetent.

Suddenly, at one point, the jury was ordered out of the room, Since the end run did not work, a serious discussion followed..END result, the Jury was sent home since it was almost 4PM...I knew the Judge was getting hungry and the jury getting bored..Me thinks..
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Just the facts ma'am, just the facts...

More on Tuesday...

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Anonymous said...

The hand shaking of Phil Spector: does it come and go? Or do the hands shake all the time. I have thought it was the one way he couldn't conceal his guilt. But then again, I'm convinced that he's guilty.

Anonymous said...

Sounds to me as if Weinberg knows he's losing the case and wishes it would just hurry up and end.