Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spector Still Ignores Judge's Request

Well, with just a week and a few days before the Phil Spector trial cranks up on
Jan 5th. The website still shows pictures of one of the trial's bloggers, known as Sprocket.

Yes, Rachelle could be trying to deflect the spotlight, as the prosecution's so far excellent presentation has, in Joe Friday's opinion, been overwhelming.

The problem with the website-NO pictures are are allowed, unless approved by the Judge, on the 9th Floor. The first picture on the alleged Rachelle Spector website, clearly shows a picture taken from inside the courtroom anti-chamber. The Judge said in open court, "The Court takes this matter seriously".

The question: Is this Rachelle Spector's website?? Or is it a ploy devised to embarrass someone else? The only problem...the pictures were taken by a cell-phone camera and guess who has a cell phone camera in the courtroom? You guessed it!!!

Remember the last trial? The screaming match between 'Chelle and Judge Fidler was classic......Joe thinks there's another one coming........


Ferguson said...

Hi Joe Friday,

"Wild West Domains" owns

Rachelle used to have her own page
set up at
which now points to

The Wayback Machine proves that was owned by Rachelle Short (now Spector).*/

IS RS's website because why would anyone else be proudly boasting they have been together for over 5 years and have a direct link to What more proof do we need, really?


~Corrina said...

Hello there Joe :)
Hope you have a happy holiday.

So let me get this straight: no cameras are allowed ANYWHERE on the 9th floor, right? Because a lot of us were thinking Rachelle took down the original photos of Sprocket & put these up because they seemed to be outside the courtroom. But if you're saying it doesn't matter WHERE on the floor she takes them, she's in violation, then somebody is gonna get in some big trouble on January 5th!

The other thing is, I can't see how Phil would have condoned this kind of thing. You don't see any childish tirades on his website at all. I would think at this point he's very disappointed in her & has every right to be.

I echo Anonymous: keep up the good work!