Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who Pulled the Trigger?? Weinberg Wants to Know? Phil Spector Trial Wednesday January 14th

Well folks, Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg, took on Dr Lynn Herold, the lady with the credentials that stretch from here to New York ( Carlyle Hotel )?

Mr Weinberg is to be commended (by his client) as he tried his hardest ( Really hard) to make Dr Herold say, "Couldn't there be an alternative scenario"?

NO!!! She said. Convinced me.

In Joe's humble opinion, it was like a football game in which one team keeps running the ball and gobbling up the clock. One question to the well respected Dr Herold could result in a lengthy explanation that left Mr Weinberg perplexed. I know you tried hard Mr. Weinberg, but I think this round goes to the prosecution, although I will give you the fact that you still will be cross-examining her on Thursday. Joe expects it to go on for a few more days.....really.....AND

Joe didn't see it, but rumor has it that RS was snapping away with her cell phone camera OUTSIDE the Court House. We were told she was taking pictures of a someone as she was leaving the Court House. Notice, I said OUTSIDE. Will she put them up on her site?? let's see...and BTW did she really do what I was told she did?? Joe sure hopes not.

Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.....
Badge 714 Joe

We wonder if the cameras at the building caught this on tape??????


Anonymous said...

What? What were you told she did?

Anonymous said...


FYI, the camera used today was NOT a cell camera-it appeared too big.
Certain it was a regular camera.

It is also official that "Mrs." Spector used her middle finger on someone today outside the courtroom. What an immature and sad excuse for a person.

Anonymous said...


The phone used today was a regular sized phone. Rachelle was also spotted giving someone the finger.

What class.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect from a young immature person that would marry a much older but very rich man who has a limited lifespan ! I mean what was her attraction to him, the fact that he could be a murderer or he was so tall dark and handsome with such a magnetic personality he was just irresistible. The real ? is, will his estate cover his debts. What do you think RS?

Anonymous said...

My she sounds like a lovely speciman.

My bet is that she grew up in an alcoholic family. Or one of her parents had a psychiatric illness.

Anonymous said...

I'd say trailer trash, but really, I don't want to insult anyone anywhere who lives in a trailer no matter how trashy it is.