Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can you bring Pom Poms to the Phil Spector Trial?

Wow....Joe wakes's up today and he goes through his e-mail and first cup of coffee, and sees an e-mail that has been forwarded from The Spector Team.

Obviously, it's a My Space e-mail blast but the strange thing about the e-mail is, that The Team is asking for Phil's legions of fans to come to the trial in his support. The e-mail lists trial dates & times and directions to Court AND where to sit.......ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THE DEFENSE SITS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE...the note says.

Joe is puzzled...especially since one of the comments on the page says,
"I am coming-as I was just waiting for my invite. PS What would you like us to wear? Do you have any more Team Spector shirts"?

Holy 714...this is starting to look desperate...

The Team e-mail continues..."the more the merrier".

It goes on to say and I quote, "Phil's team need your support by coming down to visit. The defense, are about to begin presenting their side of the case (I MEAN THE TRUTH FOLKS, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED THAT EVENING!) They need as many people on their side of the courtroom as possible!!!! This is VERY important, especially for the jury to see that people DO BELIEVE in his innoncece.

Joe wonders...."Are you freakin' kidding me" ?????.

Let me get this straight....So the JURY can see that PEOPLE BELIEVE IN HIS INNOCENCE????? Joe Friday thought it was up to the jury to listen to the facts and make their own decision...not a verdict based on how many "fans" show up to support him?????

Oh yeah, almost forgot about today's (Tuesday's) half day trial. Ms. Truc Do had her job cut out, going over the many, many, different scenarios that Spector attorney Doran Weinberg threw at coronor Dr. Pena regarding the Matter of Death.

She did a very respectable job. As did Dr Pena.

My goodness, this trial is bizarre..I'm getting a headache keeping up with the circus. I can hear a ROHR (SP)? coming on, Where's Badge 714 when you need a good one?

Coming Wednesday- Almost a half day, yawn this thing is draggin ....on purpose????


donchais said...

Pom Poms to the trial? OMG, way too funny!

As to the legions of Spector supporters showing up in court? Please be very careful not to trip over the tumbleweeds on the defense side of the gallery!

Oh, and don't forget to wear your "Team Stupid" shirt!

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of amazed that Sprocket didn't mention the mean Rachelle photo website thing, but Sprocket is very factual and doesn't want to add stuff not in the trial itself, I guess. As a rule the only "extra" stuff she adds are the clothes and who's in the courtroom. She doesn't mention the mean hearted and emotional things that go on--