Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phil Spector Trial Tuesday January 13th

Prosecution testimony today finished with Dr Lynn Herold. She is a tough cookie and I suspect Spector's attorney , Doron Weinberg, is pouring over right this minute every piece of miniscule portions & inconsistencies about her testimony.

Today, Dr Herold placed Lana in the chair and oriented her head, she placed the gun in her mouth and oriented it to upright, and she placed Spector within 2-3 feet of the gun discharging. The testimony about the gun and the evidence that supports it having been wiped is interesting to say the least. There was evidence of the gun being wiped on all sides: the front strap, right and left barrel, right and left handle, the chamber, the gun sight because all of these surfaces had areas, depressions where there was blood in the lower crevaces, but not on the upper crevaces. She also matched a blood transfer stain on Lana's left hand to blood on the left side of the gun.

Weinberg has his job cut out for him.....That's his job. No doubt, Joe Friday knows the guy is good, but I do not see him winning in a shouting match with Dr. Herold . He can be arrogant, smirk and throws his hand up when a ruling goes against him (and he has been told by Judge Larry Paul Fidler to stop).I think this goes against him and he doesn't have the support like the first trial.

Jeez, how many lawyers did PS have last time, let's see. Cutler came in, shouted, pouted and left. There was Roger "I'm heading to the South of France" Rosen, Chris Phourd, Linda Kinney Baden, Bradley Brunon, and I'm sorry, one of you will have to help me with how many he had.

Not this time...Weinberg is one overwhelmed dude, what with the molestation case in San Mateo looming, plus it looks like he is doing ALL the work here by himself ..but the calvary is coming. How many experts will take the stand for Phil?

Answer coming soon. We hear Donna Clarkson, Lana's mom will take the stand soon. Mrs Clarkson, your daughter was beautiful and loving and you will do well. Stay tough and Mr Weinberg, be my guest, because if you try and tear her apart, you will lose.

A few new people today for Phil but they left. No serving of papers today, no temper tantrums, just another day in a Los Angeles Courtroom...Joe wants the facts and nothing but the facts' ma'am...


Ferguson said...

No temper tantrums today? Darn it,
I am disappointed! LOL....

A few new people today but they left? Why are these Phil fans always leaving early? Can't handle the truth or they just get completely bored?

Oh--I think you forgot to mention Leslie Abramson-whom--correct me if I am in error--was very quickly dismissed early on. This was to be her big "comeback"---


Anonymous said...

Dr Herold knows what she knows and will give the defense grief (again)

The defense lawyers as I remember them

Robert Shapiro replaced by

Lesley Abramson replaced by

Bruce Cutler
Bradley Brunon
Linda Kenney Baden
Christopher Plourd

Cutler withdrew before the end of the first trial.

Anonymous said...

And I left out Roger Rosen - quite a crowd

Anonymous said...

Yes, we noticed that Weinberg didn't look so hot for a hearing in the molestation case on December 23.

The Phil Spector case is a loser, and so is the Dr. Ayres molestation case.

Thanks for your commentary.

katfish said...

Don't forget Dennis Reardon folks...remember the phone appearances.irritating! Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Reardon is going to be coming in at some point during this trial too.

Anonymous said...

Remember the fingernail thing? Was it Shapiro's assistant who had the problem testifying about that and was threatened with jail time if she didn't answer the questions?

Anonymous said...

it was one of shapiro's jr. partners, actually. and a really nice gal. sorry it all din't manifest.