Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Phil Speaks in Court ~ His wife disses the Court ~ BIG Fireworks in Court

Joe Friday thought he had seen everything, but Thursday January 29, was a doozy. First in the morning, lots of quibbling among the lawyers with the jury outside the courtroom. I think Spector's attorney won something, but the arm wrestling between DA Alan Jackson & Doron Weinberg just about ended in a draw.

Back on the stand now, Mr Stuart James, remember, he's the the defense forensic science witness that has charged Team Spector $70,000 so far for his "expert analysis". Alan Jackson had this guy on the ropes from Round 1. He shot down material even published in the expert's OWN Forensic Science Book. Mr James responded and admitted , "well that paticular passage has come under some fire".

Alan Jackson is the pro's pro. He just has a way about him that is so believable and then he puts the hammer down. His often funny remarks, along with his down home humor, and good guy style, makes this cat unstoppable. Don't know what they pay AJ, but he desrves a raise.

He still has Mr. James on the stand, and buddy, let me tell you he is getting Mr James to say all the right words...and this is a DEFENSE witness!!! Then Mr Jackson, whips out his new toy, a plum bob. He makes Mr James demonstrate to the enraptured jurors, what happens to blood when it is dropped straight down, as in this plum bob. Brilliant demonstration.

Then the real fireworks begin involving guess who....that's right Ms. Rachelle Spector. The "bad girl" of Room 109 seems like she wants to make this trial disapear, like in a mistrial maybe?

Seems Chelle' was taking pictures in the courthouse again and this time it did not go unoticed. The Public Information officers said Ms Spector was AGAIN observed taking photos in the courthouse and has been told not to by the Judge. Taking pictures outside the courthouse is ok...inside..izxnay on the camera.

Ms Spector NEVER ONCE stood up as the Judge addressed her. ER, Ms Spector, I don't think Judge Larry Paul Fidler is kidding this time. Your butt is going to jail if there is one more incident.

Meanwhile something that rarely happens..PHIL " FREAKIN" SPECTOR WANTED TO SPEAK!!!!

In his low, raspy shaking voice, Phil tells the Judge he has been coming to the court for 2 years now ( Wonder why? ) and has been taking pictures with lawyers, deputys, so called fans, MY SPACE followers, sympathetic wellwishers, and judges ( JF quickly throws in a "not with this Judge " comment).

Spector says he doesn't think it's anybody's bizwack to try and take poor Chelle's camera. (BTW there was a slight scuffle in the hallway as the Public Information Officers tried to inspect Chelle's camera and Phil's body guard acted like he wanted to throw his weight around.) So scuffle, scuffle, scuffle, I want the camera, Rachelle at the same time, scrambling to delete the pictures she just took inside the courthouse ...what a remarkable scene and Judge Fidler is waiting inside and he is PISSSED.

"Mrs Spector, this is the second time with the pictures." Ms. Spector, never stands up to address the court in a respectful manner. She smuggly denies taking the first pictures of the first incident. The Judge says next time it happens, "SOMEBODY'S GOING TO JAIL".

AJ is on a roll. Every question, every answer make this DEFENSE witness sound like he's a prosecution witness.

Next..the camera fight begins.......claws are up in this one AND has anyone noticed that on www.Rachelle, the nasty comments about LA's most famous crime blogger are gone? Bout time. It took them about a month to take down. Now, it's an almost a blank page, cept for the Mrs Rachelle Spector headline, and I love my husband...he's innocent...and we've been together for five years, yeah us, blah, blah, blah.. This is such childish stuff, Jeez Louise.

Joe's prediction...Rachelle Spector will soon be spending time in a orange jumpsuit and no blankie......If Phil got up and spoke today...does this mean that he will take the stand in his own defense, as he did in defense of his wife's silly camera? Cmon Phil, batter up!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Blood Spatter 101 Class ~ According to Defense Witness

Ya Gotta give it to Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg. He made defense witness Stuart James actually do a blood splatter 101 class for the entire court to see. Not only that, they brought it the ACTUAL CHAIR LANA CLARKSON WAS KILLED IN!

Mr. Weinberg felt a little drama was due, but one look at Lana's Mom, Donna, and you knew it was gruesome. Ms Clarkson had to put up a kleenex to her face...the actual chair that her daughter was last sitting in. Wow, and guess what, Joe's position in the courtroom is good and I swear I saw a tear run down her eye.

Ok so back to Mr James. He makes $ 250 an hour to give results that favor the truth.
He charges $ 250 per hour plus expenses like airfare, hotel, meals, etc.

He works for the DA's office 20 % of the time and 80% for the defense. Nice averages!

His price so far????Anyone? Anyone?? Bueller?? Ok, he has billed Mr Spector $70,000 so far.

Joe knews this dude James is qualified, but some of the questions he was asked were so lame.
DW: You're a member of the Forensic Scientists or whatever it was , correct?

James: Well, "we haven't actually met in the two years", but when we do, we yippee tie one on. Ok so he didn't say the last part...but "haven't met in 2 years" strikes Joe, odd????

I mean DW was fishing today...trolling the expert for theories....trying to shoot holes in Dr Lyn Herold's conclusions..the only problem..this witness has had training in small cities you may never have heard of. Yes he did work in Tucson, but that's about it.

By the way some individual left the courtroom in a hurry because thier cell phone beeped and wasn't allowed back in . Joe's advice to all the non-pros out there.....Leave youre cell phones out. Later!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phil Spector Trial Tuesday January 27th ~ In N Out, That's What A Hamburger's All About

Court suspended, Ms Truc Do is sick. In an unusual turn of events, today's day in court was abbreviated to little more than an hour of arguments. DW presented points of law that appeared to Joe to be a desperate attempt to persuade the court to allow a "psyche autopsy". Then DW, in another feeble attempt, also stated that Dr Lyn Herold had not been keeping up with her hours, so why should he have to do the same? The Court quickly said, then send me any relevant information about this and I will have it subpoenaed. And that was it.

Man, that In N Out Burger was good……but Joe must tell you that later on in the day, he needed a Pepcid to make it. Lots of chatter around the courthouse about the upcoming site visit...keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on this site.

Phil Spector Trial ~ Doron Weinberg Asks "Was it a Wrist Job or a Hand Job?

Holy Moly Joe!!! Opening day for the defense!!!Exciting stuff.! Chelle was there with a few friends and the tension rose as Dr. Lakkshnanan was the first witness to be called. Joe wonders the choice, but Mr Weinberg is Phil's expert!.. Hans Solo..

Phil's hands shake when the jury walks in....Weinberg grills the Dr. (as a good defense attorney should do) and guess took 30, maybe 45 minutues to for Mr Weinberg have the good Dr. agree to the terminology of the location of one speck of blood that was maybe on the inner wrist, outer wrist, dorsal wrist, palm of the hand, center of the hand, ...whatever.....Where does the hand start and the wrist stop..or was it where does the wrist start and the hand stop. I don't know about you my friends, but the last time I saw a dorsal , it was attached to a botlle-nosed dolphin that I saw doing a back flip as I stood watching the sunset off the end of the Santa Monica Pier. Speaking of sunsets...oh never mind.
Court resumes...

Joe's take is , DW is trying to poke holes in the MOD ( Mode of Death ) He tries to make an end run but over the objections of DA Alan Jackson. Stopped on the ten yard line!

It's like trying to basically accuse the Dr's staff of being incompetent.

Suddenly, at one point, the jury was ordered out of the room, Since the end run did not work, a serious discussion followed..END result, the Jury was sent home since it was almost 4PM...I knew the Judge was getting hungry and the jury getting bored..Me thinks..
Joe Badge 714
Just the facts ma'am, just the facts...

More on Tuesday...

News Flash Is this really true?????
Subject: Re: FW: Site visit
Sate: August 9, 2007 7:41:07 PM PDT
Cc: rgabriel, kennybaden, dnacjp, sbrunon, brunonlaw,,, jennifer.barringer, tawni.tyndall

roger: re richard's email below. the prosecution is not allowed to bring anything. i won't allow it. it's still my fucking house. evidence, and exhibits are not prosecution props. and the prosecution will do no leading around. or rachelle and i will join in too. i am warning you now. this is still my house. not the judges. you better take control of this situation or i will. i will not have dickhead or jerkoff running things. or they will run into me. tell me now. or i will have four bodyguards here. not that i need them. i have a big mouth. and nobody with substitute anything for the mercedes. the mercedes is gone. phillip.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Joe Friday Back in Action Court in Session Monday January 26th, Phil Spector Trial

Well folks Joe had to check in on another case the past few days. But I'm sure you've kept up with the happs, with all the other good blogs out there, I mean they FINALLY got Dr. Herold off the stand after Spector's attorney bored the jury to tears, and you could tell they just wanted out of the back and forth Herold vs Weinberg repartee'. Weinberg picks up 8 hours of more court time...$$$$

Joe is ready to report Monday. So stay close to your computer, subscribe to our blog and you get all the up to date information.

The San Francisco based Spector attorney Doron Weinberg now gets to show his stuff, but Joe thinks that since he is really the ONLY attorney Spector has ( as opposed to the 6 or so he had last time) DW will be up all night looking to pick the holes....but in Joe's mind, there's not many......we'll see.....

BTW, Joe ventured in to the now famous Westin Bonaventure Hotel and they have concocted a new drink in honor of Phil's $104,000 non-payment that they served The Spector's last week for lack of payment lawsuit. It's called
"I Need Money"(Beatles cover song). You have to taste it to believe it..

Joe 714

Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Guess Who is Still on the Witness Stand ~ Phil Spector Trial

It's Thursday January 15th. Will somebody please wake Joe Friday up??? Dr Lyn Herold the LA. Co. Sheriff's Office senior criminalist is STILL on the stand. One can only suspect that Spector's attorney, Doron Weinberg is working by the hour, because the tedious questions that he asks over and over just get damn boring. Joe needed 2 Pepsi Max, 2 Vitamin Water Energy Drinks just to stay awake. Oh yeah Joe needed a chocolate fix as well, as the peanut M & M's from the 9th floor vending machine kicked in mid-afternoon.

Man Mr Weinberg is like the Energizer bunny...he just keeps charging ahead, tho, mostly to dead end streets. The jury looks freakin' bored to tears and obviously can't wait for the MLK holiday.

Finally Weinberg is OVER, (for now) and the made for TV prosecutor, Alan Jackson, goes back over some of Mr. Weinberg's assumptions. Trust me as I have said before, Dr Herold is asked one question and before she answers, she usually takes a second, composes herself and then gives a detailed explanation that could go on for minutes. Sure somtimes it's a yes or no, but she is unflappable.


Alan Jackson continues and court is called for the day. Yes Dr Herold will be BACK on the stand next week and then, Joe hears that Lana's mom, Donna will take the witness stand. Last time she was only asked mostly about the shopping spree she and Lana went on the night before her murder. Joe thinks that buying 8 pairs of new, comfortable shoes for her House of Blues gig, is not a precursor or an indication of suicide.
Nor is the fact that she was just hired to do a print shoot in just a few short weeks.

This time on the stand Joe has a feeling she will be forced to testify to's gonna get ugly, trust me on this. As other bloggers have told you, Donna Clarkson attends trial most every day and when the GRAPHIC photos come up on the big screen, she flinches, looks away and every once and a while you will see a tear. If Doron Weinberg presses to hard I guarantee there's a floodgate coming soon.

More from Joe later.....Badge 714

PS: I think Team Spector needs to go to Facebook rather than My Space, because the last recruitment call did not work. MYSPACE is old news, Facebook is the place.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Phil Spector Trial Mid-Day Break Thursday January 15th

Hey boys and girls,

Well we're at the Spector Trial today and Spector's attorney finally got Dr. Lynn Herold to say that there is a "possibility" that that because the pantyhose are "elastic" there "could" have been spatter there that FELL OFF during the moving of her body from the scene to the body bag and with the removing of her pantyhose at the cororner's office. Good grief...enough already Mr. Weinberg.

Joe knows you're putting in those long hours but STOP, please.

A few more Spector "supporters" in court today, but can they stay for the afternoon break???? more serving of papers, no more cat fights, at least before lunch.

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts
More later,

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who Pulled the Trigger?? Weinberg Wants to Know? Phil Spector Trial Wednesday January 14th

Well folks, Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg, took on Dr Lynn Herold, the lady with the credentials that stretch from here to New York ( Carlyle Hotel )?

Mr Weinberg is to be commended (by his client) as he tried his hardest ( Really hard) to make Dr Herold say, "Couldn't there be an alternative scenario"?

NO!!! She said. Convinced me.

In Joe's humble opinion, it was like a football game in which one team keeps running the ball and gobbling up the clock. One question to the well respected Dr Herold could result in a lengthy explanation that left Mr Weinberg perplexed. I know you tried hard Mr. Weinberg, but I think this round goes to the prosecution, although I will give you the fact that you still will be cross-examining her on Thursday. Joe expects it to go on for a few more days.....really.....AND

Joe didn't see it, but rumor has it that RS was snapping away with her cell phone camera OUTSIDE the Court House. We were told she was taking pictures of a someone as she was leaving the Court House. Notice, I said OUTSIDE. Will she put them up on her site?? let's see...and BTW did she really do what I was told she did?? Joe sure hopes not.

Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.....
Badge 714 Joe

We wonder if the cameras at the building caught this on tape??????

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phil Spector Trial Tuesday January 13th

Prosecution testimony today finished with Dr Lynn Herold. She is a tough cookie and I suspect Spector's attorney , Doron Weinberg, is pouring over right this minute every piece of miniscule portions & inconsistencies about her testimony.

Today, Dr Herold placed Lana in the chair and oriented her head, she placed the gun in her mouth and oriented it to upright, and she placed Spector within 2-3 feet of the gun discharging. The testimony about the gun and the evidence that supports it having been wiped is interesting to say the least. There was evidence of the gun being wiped on all sides: the front strap, right and left barrel, right and left handle, the chamber, the gun sight because all of these surfaces had areas, depressions where there was blood in the lower crevaces, but not on the upper crevaces. She also matched a blood transfer stain on Lana's left hand to blood on the left side of the gun.

Weinberg has his job cut out for him.....That's his job. No doubt, Joe Friday knows the guy is good, but I do not see him winning in a shouting match with Dr. Herold . He can be arrogant, smirk and throws his hand up when a ruling goes against him (and he has been told by Judge Larry Paul Fidler to stop).I think this goes against him and he doesn't have the support like the first trial.

Jeez, how many lawyers did PS have last time, let's see. Cutler came in, shouted, pouted and left. There was Roger "I'm heading to the South of France" Rosen, Chris Phourd, Linda Kinney Baden, Bradley Brunon, and I'm sorry, one of you will have to help me with how many he had.

Not this time...Weinberg is one overwhelmed dude, what with the molestation case in San Mateo looming, plus it looks like he is doing ALL the work here by himself ..but the calvary is coming. How many experts will take the stand for Phil?

Answer coming soon. We hear Donna Clarkson, Lana's mom will take the stand soon. Mrs Clarkson, your daughter was beautiful and loving and you will do well. Stay tough and Mr Weinberg, be my guest, because if you try and tear her apart, you will lose.

A few new people today for Phil but they left. No serving of papers today, no temper tantrums, just another day in a Los Angeles Courtroom...Joe wants the facts and nothing but the facts' ma'am...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sparks Fly in the Courthouse ~ Phil Spector Trial ~ Monday January 12th

Well Joe has told you that the Spector trial is wacky and getting wackier. Well today, the Westin Bonaventure legal department sent a server to Superior Court today to Floor 9.
"Mrs Spector, you've been served". and with that Rachelle Spector threw the papers down in disgust. It is alleged the Spectors' owe the downtown hotel over $100,000 for rooms etc, used by Team Spector at Trial #1. This demonstration was viewed by many people in the hall way during the crowded lunch hour today.

In the courtroom today, GRAPHIC, GRAPHIC Pictures dominated the afternoon session. On the stand Dr. Lynne Herold, LA. Co. Sheriff's Office senior criminalist, blood spatter expert and crime scene analysist. Dr Herold's resume would take me days to type, so let's say she's an expert. In the courtroom, Lana Clarkson's mom Donna, closed her eyes and looked the other way. I could have sworn I saw tears. Phil & Rachelle both stared at the photos, neither flinching at the gore and destruction that one bullet brought. Prosecutor Alan Jackson kept those photos on the screen most all afternoon. He is a brillant prosecutor who passed out pictures and posters of items he wanted to make sure the jury saw. They saw it all. Trust Joe on this.

The morning cross exam was mainly uneventful except Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg kept trying to poke holes in the testimony of Dale Falicone, a 22 year veteran of crime scene finger printing for LA County Scientific Services. Weinberg whined and got that accusatory tone going and made no progress in my opinion. Good try.

Oh yeah, 2 (two) more new people showed up to "support" Phil, but alas they left after the morning break. Oh well, maybe more tommorrow?
Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts

Joe 714

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Phone Messages From Phil Spector - Read at Your Own Risk

Trial on Monday! So for now..some "outrageous" stuff until I file my next report.

Joe knows that there are some good blogs out there covering the Spector trial, but sometimes you don't hear all the "inside stuff" because of it's sensitive nature and even possibly the sensitive nature of the blogger or the poster. Stop here if you are easily offended. Trust me on this. Don't read the following if you are under 18, ok STOP!

If you get a phone message from Phil, record it....a few of the women in his past life did, and the tapes were played in court for all to hear and in the public record.

It is alleged that Phil used to have a habit of locking people in and out of his house. At his house, he had a buzzer that locked and unlocked doors. So if you tried to get out, it was Phil's call. If you were in a hotel room, he would just simply barricade the door.

Phone Call Message 1-To Dorothy Melvin-one of his dates and former Joan Rivers manager. Spector had been escorted out of Rivers' New Years Eve Party. He brandished a gun and was quoted by security as saying over and over, "Women are fucking cunts, they all deserve a bullet in their head. He called Dorothy many times after.
PS) Where are you Dorothy? Quit being mysterious.

Call 2- To Dorothy(PS) Sorry about the nipple ring, had trouble with it...don't worry about it..but be careful what you say to me because nothing is worth your life.

Call 3 to Dorothy -(PS)-Fuck this, Fuck the lawyers, You're Fucked, You're Fucked, and I will get you for what you did.

Phone Call message 1- To Stephanie Jennings- Photographer he met In Philadelphia.
He barricaded her in a hotel room with a gun. She called 911. He called her later.

(PS)Stephanie, You're probably out fucking somebody else?....You Fuckin Asshole...You Fucking never showed up....Go Fuck Yourself...You're a Lying Cunt..You'll get fucked around with...I will guarantee I will put you out of business...GO FUCK YOURSELF! With Emphasis.

So if you get a call from Phil...let the answering machine get it.

Unfortunately, there's more.

Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.....Joe- Badge 714

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weinberg Winds Up, WAY Back, He's Stretching it deep, Phil Spector Trial Thursday Jan 8th

Well Joe has seen it all, well maybe not like this, but now Phil Spector attorney, Doron Weinberg, is taking things to new level of realms. Now Lana committed suicide because:

Weinberg: The Stretch...The pitch...Her 4 grandparents were alcoholics...( I do remember my dad drinking beer on the weekend pretty heavily tho) Now that's a good one. Ball One

The Stretch...The Pitch...Lana smoked marijuana since she was 13. Oh well I "hear" that stuff really makes you "mellow" and you want to watch "Animal House' and laugh or something like that. Just speculating you understand. Ball 2

Well here's a good one too... Lana's parents were hippies...well big freakin deal...I was too....they were probably mellow too....Ball 3

How much can they trash her and her family? Srike 1

Oh yeah, the myspace, is it up, or down page, must have worked kinda....a few new "who is that guy" showed up but left at afternoon break. Oh well..maybe next week they will have time to stay longer.

Damnit, where is Mick Jagger when we need him. Now that would fill some seats..$100 bucks a ticket, split 50/50 with Phil/Prosecution ..ya get Phil to record Mick live before court starts and ya put out the album...good for the economy??

As Joe would say..just the facts maam..just the facts
Badge 714 on duty

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lana Clarkson's "Voice" Rises in the Courtroom at The Phil Spector Trial

That's right folks, you heard me right. Wednesday in trial here in Los Angeles, Joe Friday, closed his eyes and heard Lana "speak". Now don't get frightened that 714 is a channeler, asst. DA , Ms Truc Do read into record so many e-mails written from Lana that I lost count. Since Spector's attorney, Doron Weinberg only read 4 of these e-mails (and used selected passages) Truc Do read most ALL of them in their entirety. It was a tedious exercise, but most effective Joe thinks.

It was eerie, I'm telling you. What you missed was that Lana WAS a very positive person who not only had a dream, she also helped out her fans who were persuing their acting dream.

She "talked" to us today.....she said many times over and over, I'm looking forward to the future......Now getting even more eerie she wrote, after breaking her wrists in a fall , I can't wait for The "Trials and Tribulations" to be over...ring a bell?????

Truc Do also asked Dr Pena to look on the big screen at a smiling, vivacious Lana Clarkson. The picture stayed up ALL morning. Chill bump time.

TD: Could a gun have been shoved down that smiling face? (Over the objections of Weinberg.)

The answer from Dr Pena is "Yes"

"Could her mouth been wide open"?

Could the bruise on her tongue be caused by Phil Spector ramming the gun down her mouth?

Lana Clarkson had jobs waiting for her in February. This, as Truc Do and Dr. Pena said , was not a woman who was looking to commit suicide, especially at a stranger's house, on the first encounter. Doesn't happen. End of story? We'll see on Thursday when Mr. Weinberg starts his grilling of Dr Pena, the poor man.

On a side note, after court had ended, Phil & his wife Rachelle came back because Phil had left some notes at the desk. While not noticing that other people could hear her, Rachelle said something to the effect that something smells here, looking straight at the one and only Sprocket. Then she laughed....but it wasn't funny, just catty. The courtroom was virtually empty at this point, but the comment was duly I told you, the circus is coming to town, but Badge 714 will be on top of it!

Oh yes, forgot to mention that the legions of fans did not show up today, except for 2 new guys sitting with Rachelle. Oh well, I am sure they will when the defense starts their case in the forseeable future.......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Can you bring Pom Poms to the Phil Spector Trial?

Wow....Joe wakes's up today and he goes through his e-mail and first cup of coffee, and sees an e-mail that has been forwarded from The Spector Team.

Obviously, it's a My Space e-mail blast but the strange thing about the e-mail is, that The Team is asking for Phil's legions of fans to come to the trial in his support. The e-mail lists trial dates & times and directions to Court AND where to sit.......ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THE DEFENSE SITS ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE...the note says.

Joe is puzzled...especially since one of the comments on the page says,
"I am coming-as I was just waiting for my invite. PS What would you like us to wear? Do you have any more Team Spector shirts"?

Holy 714...this is starting to look desperate...

The Team e-mail continues..."the more the merrier".

It goes on to say and I quote, "Phil's team need your support by coming down to visit. The defense, are about to begin presenting their side of the case (I MEAN THE TRUTH FOLKS, WHAT REALLY HAPPENED THAT EVENING!) They need as many people on their side of the courtroom as possible!!!! This is VERY important, especially for the jury to see that people DO BELIEVE in his innoncece.

Joe wonders...."Are you freakin' kidding me" ?????.

Let me get this straight....So the JURY can see that PEOPLE BELIEVE IN HIS INNOCENCE????? Joe Friday thought it was up to the jury to listen to the facts and make their own decision...not a verdict based on how many "fans" show up to support him?????

Oh yeah, almost forgot about today's (Tuesday's) half day trial. Ms. Truc Do had her job cut out, going over the many, many, different scenarios that Spector attorney Doran Weinberg threw at coronor Dr. Pena regarding the Matter of Death.

She did a very respectable job. As did Dr Pena.

My goodness, this trial is bizarre..I'm getting a headache keeping up with the circus. I can hear a ROHR (SP)? coming on, Where's Badge 714 when you need a good one?

Coming Wednesday- Almost a half day, yawn this thing is draggin ....on purpose????

Monday, January 5, 2009

Weinberg Theory in Phil Spector case, Lana Clarkson, Vicodin, +, Alcohol, + Benadryl = Suicide

Well if you were in court on Monday Jan 5th at the Phil Spector trial, you would have thought that Lana Clarkson, who had a .011 alcohol level, a small amount of Vicodin (with it's long half life, no one could tell when she last took one ) and the over the counter medication Benadryl, was the real reason Lana Clarkson possibly committed suicide, according to Spector attorney Doran Weinberg.

Weinberg also got what he wanted today..a psychological autospy. This ruling by Judge Fidler let Weinberg run "loose" with all kinds of "Did you consider Dr Pena. "This" meaning 2 sentences of a long e-mail from Lana to a friend that talked about depression. Weinberg hammered Dr Pena with "what" things Lana wrote like, "This has been the worst year of my life". kidding, she broke both of her wrists...Joe would be damn depressed too.

Most all of Weinberg's qustions were in the accusatory tone that, at times, is insulting. "You mean to tell me you didn't consider this" (insert your theory here)???

Sure he's doing his job, but c'mon, he can't read correct dates on evidence items, drops papers all over the floor, and in general, Joe feels, is baiting the jury with the Lana Clarkson "drug & alcohol" theory.

Don't get Joe wrong, because the defense did get in points as Dr Pena had to admit to some errors in his previous testimony, but overall Dr Pena said it at least 2 or 3 times, "No Mr Weinberg it is clear that this was a homicide on the totality of the evidence presented to me".

The Prosecution will be up on Tuesday. Should be interesting. Dr Pena held his ground, often looking directly at the jury. And talking about looking at the jury, Phil Spector stared so hard at them today it was silly, as he stood up for 15-20 seconds after everyone had taken their seat....staring ever so hard at the jury. He must have missed them since the Holiday Break?? Stay tuned...

Rachelle Spector ordered to remove photographs!

Joe Friday would think, that in a murder case, the accused's wife would not be the center of attention for any reason. This morning, however, as has been the case so many times before in the bizarre trial of Mrs. Spectors husband, the legendary Phil Spector, the accused's wife once again has grabbed the spotlight.

Judge Larry Paul Fidler, in his first order of business after the long holiday layoff, ordered Mrs. Spector to remove a series of photographs that have been posted on her website for some time. Judge Fidler showed great restraint when ordering the removal of the photos, some of which appear to have been taken either in the courtroom or hallways just outside, a clear violation of courtroom protocol. The photos claim to be of a certain tenacious trial scribe who has relentlessly covered this trial since the very beginning, much to the chagrin of the entire Spector camp.

Judge Fidler- Mrs Spector, I don't want to get in the middle of this, but clearly you have a website that contains pictures of a person in this courtroom , in violation of a rule about taking photographs and I am asking you to take them down. This is a matter the takes seriously. Mrs Spector, Do you understand? In her front row spectator's seat, Mrs Spector nods yes. The Judge then says "Mrs Spector is nodding her head in agreement. Thank you."

Once again Justice Prevails.
Stay tuned for more almost live trial coverage as Dr. Pena is being grilled by Spectors attorney, Dorian Weinberg this afternoon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Will Rachelle Spector Be Fined?

If Rachelle Spector is indeed responsible for taking pictures in the courthouse and putting them up on her alleged website , she may face consequences from Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Joe Friday believes the following may apply regarding taking pictures in Superior Court:

These procedures are to ensure the security and efficient handling of cases and events in the County Courthouse. No filming, photography or electronic recording is permitted in the courthouse except as permitted in the courtroom consistent with California Rules of Court, Rule 980, or in the courthouse consistent with specific court rules or orders. These procedures have been developed for the protection of all parties and are subject to modification based on specific circumstances or wishes of an individual trial court judge in the courtroom, or Superior or Municipal Court assistant presiding or presiding judge or supervising judge of the courthouse. Violation of these orders will result in contempt of court or monetary sanction pursuant to Code of Civil Procedures 177.5.

The Judge warned Spector's attorney that the Court takes this matter seriously, BUT the pictures remain posted. When the trial resumes, we have a feeling that this matter will be addressed by the Court, if indeed this site belongs to Ms. Spector. RS will not like writing a check or even possibly seeing the color Orange, we suspect. The Phil Spector trial resumes Monday Jan 5th....Let's see when the pictures come down.........