Sunday, January 11, 2009

Phone Messages From Phil Spector - Read at Your Own Risk

Trial on Monday! So for now..some "outrageous" stuff until I file my next report.

Joe knows that there are some good blogs out there covering the Spector trial, but sometimes you don't hear all the "inside stuff" because of it's sensitive nature and even possibly the sensitive nature of the blogger or the poster. Stop here if you are easily offended. Trust me on this. Don't read the following if you are under 18, ok STOP!

If you get a phone message from Phil, record it....a few of the women in his past life did, and the tapes were played in court for all to hear and in the public record.

It is alleged that Phil used to have a habit of locking people in and out of his house. At his house, he had a buzzer that locked and unlocked doors. So if you tried to get out, it was Phil's call. If you were in a hotel room, he would just simply barricade the door.

Phone Call Message 1-To Dorothy Melvin-one of his dates and former Joan Rivers manager. Spector had been escorted out of Rivers' New Years Eve Party. He brandished a gun and was quoted by security as saying over and over, "Women are fucking cunts, they all deserve a bullet in their head. He called Dorothy many times after.
PS) Where are you Dorothy? Quit being mysterious.

Call 2- To Dorothy(PS) Sorry about the nipple ring, had trouble with it...don't worry about it..but be careful what you say to me because nothing is worth your life.

Call 3 to Dorothy -(PS)-Fuck this, Fuck the lawyers, You're Fucked, You're Fucked, and I will get you for what you did.

Phone Call message 1- To Stephanie Jennings- Photographer he met In Philadelphia.
He barricaded her in a hotel room with a gun. She called 911. He called her later.

(PS)Stephanie, You're probably out fucking somebody else?....You Fuckin Asshole...You Fucking never showed up....Go Fuck Yourself...You're a Lying Cunt..You'll get fucked around with...I will guarantee I will put you out of business...GO FUCK YOURSELF! With Emphasis.

So if you get a call from Phil...let the answering machine get it.

Unfortunately, there's more.

Just the facts, ma'am, just the facts.....Joe- Badge 714

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