Monday, February 2, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Nicole Spector Testifies ~ Phil is more than Righthanded

WEll, the defense called Nicole Spector, the biological daughter of Phil Spector. At the last trial, Nicole was basically relegated to saying that Phil was right handed..which explains?????? This time however Monica gets into discussions about Dorothy Melvin, Spector's ex-girlfriend and manager of Joan Rivers.

Not sure where Spector Attorney Doron Weinberg is going with this, but we will give him the props for trying..
More tommorrow ..Joe needs a rest...



Anonymous said...

When you say Monica you mean Nicole right?

Anonymous said...

I think her name is Nicole

Anonymous said...

Joe, you do need a rest my friend. Unless DD has a new name, honey you are using the wrong do need a rest...pamper yourself a little and get some shut eye.

We are here waiting for you when you are ready....always a

Barry said...

If Weinberg is going to discredit all the women who testified that Spector pulled a gun on them, I think he will lose the jury pronto. If there was only such accusation,the strategy would make all the sense n the world. But to try and convince the jury that ALL of these women made up similar stories is really a stretch.

Not to mention that Ronnie Spector AND Darlene Love BOTH wrote about similar incidents long before PS killed Lana Clarkson six years ago today.