Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weinberg Gets A NO From The Judge ~ Phil Spector Yawns

Joe Friday is a little worried about Phil.....has he been getting his beauty sleep?

He seems to be yawning a lot in court these days and Tuesday was no exception. I often wonder if Rachelle and Phil sit around the house, drinking a Navy Grog and listen to outtakes from The Beatles "Let It Be" CD. Oh well, Joe guesses he will never get that chance.

Well, Spector attorney Doron Weinberg (outside the jury)pleaded, begged, cajoled, and argued that Dr. Lyn Herold's testimoy should be stricken from the records. The unflappable Dr. doesn't waiver and Weinberg is firing all guns, so to speak.

Judge Fidler rules against Weinberg and Judge Fidler says he considers her a very credible witness. Case closed.

Weinberg pouts........ just another day in court with The Adventures of Phil & Chelle'.

Just the'am, just the facts
Joe Friday

PS Phil: Just a small looks like you are drinking a bottle of orange juice in court these days. Personally, if I am on the jury I could be possibly thinking..
OJ + Phil = Guilty
I would hide the juice period.....just a tip sir, just a tip...
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katfish said...

Just a little katfish tip ....go ahead and drink the OJ, Phil, I think you're guilty no matter what you ingest, hope the jury agrees!

Anonymous said...

Joe, oh please do not worry bout little Phil. Um...JOE, did you ever wonder just what is in that container HPS is drinking from? Is it really juice, or is it JUICE? Who is really gonna test it? Not our good judge or the pros....give it to RS...she will try anything. Love our fearless female Dr. Herold she is a top act.

We love your facts...every last little one of them...Thank You Joe.

Anonymous said...

Weinberg is getting more and more petulant. Don't think he's winning any friends with the jury.

He knows that this case is a loser and that his client is going to be found guilty.

Hate to say this but I have antipathy for Doron Weinberg.