Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Dr. Spitz Makes $5,000 Per Day ? ~

JOE: Dr Spitz.....You say you examined records on Lana Clarkson's life before her death. DID YOU CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING?????

In 2003…Following Wall of Sound producer Phil Spector's arrest for murder, U-K newspaper The Daily Telegraph printed an interview in which he said, “I have not been well... I have devils inside that fight me... Insane is a hard word. I wasn't insane, but I wasn't well enough to function as a regular part of society, so I didn't. I chose not to.”

Just the facts Ma'am, just the facts..
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katfish said...

Good Point, Joe! No doubt that would have been dismissed by Doc as "show business". geesh!

CHRIS said...

Wonder why that interview and his saying he's bipolar and taking meds for schizophrenia hasn't been included when they are talking about Lana taking Vicodin for her two broken wrists as a psychological factor?

Anonymous said...

Joe, this man can not examine any records because he has his ego so out of kilter and his anger so out of control he is blind to the truth. AJ stellar again .....did the good work for the prosecution here. Sad tale about Dr. Spitz. Even sadder is the truth about Phil and his crazy evil ways for many years now. Give a gun to an insane person, you are asking for a bad outcome. Lana never knew what hit her.