Thursday, February 12, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Bombshell Dropped ~ Perjury on the Witness Stand? ~ Judge to Rule ~

Joe Friday is
dumb founded....How wacky can a case get?? Now it seems that Defense witness Dr Pex has to wait until Tuesday to find out how Judge Larry Paul Fidler will rule on possible perjury violations. The defense needs help....Mr Whineberg has no one to turn to......he is getting flustered...Phil is shaking more..I think he took Joe's advice about the OJ....nice job Phil...please pay attention to Joe...He knows the ropes...

Tuesday will be a doozy..Joe will be there for a blow by blow description. For a complete wrapup, see The Sprocket lady..she's the best!!

Sorry folks, but Joe was pre-occupied with another upcoming trial this week. I promise to do better next week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was worried you'd disappeared. As someone who despises Whineberg because he is representing accused child molester Dr. William Ayres, I am very happy to hear that he is getting flustered.

Anonymous said...

Joe, missed you giving us the scoop. DW can be flustered all he likes since he uses anything he can to get attention to himself. Unfortunately, it is always the wrong attention. He should be disgraced after what he and PEX tried to pull last week. What happened to honor? Oh I know, it is being guarded by the prosecution these days. Judge Fidler has his hands full keeping order in that courtroom. His good gavel at the ready, I wish he could fling it at the defendant knocking his wig off and at his lawyer since they both need a good thump on the head. Hate missing this, but thank you for your good eyes and words.