Monday, February 23, 2009

Judge Rules Against Spector ~ Allows Tapes to be Heard ~ Blow to the Defense ~ Juror Dismissed February 23, 2009

The first ruling of the day came when Judge Larry Paul Fidler said that the tapes of Det. Tomlin and Vincent Tannazzo from 2007 WILL be allowed to be heard. Spector attorney Weinberg argued as hard as he could and Judge Fidler told him, " I know you don't like my ruling, but the Court has ruled".

And speaking of the Jury, Juror # 5 has been dismissed because of extreme financial hardships and to tend to his ailing father. For some reason, it seemed to Joe Friday, that Spector's attorney wanted this juror. He eagerly told the Judge that he probably has ONLY 2 weeks to go, so what the heck is the big deal. (Not his word, Joe's) Judge Fidler wisely added that there would be jury instuctions, possible delays and it may be more like three more weeks.

Juror # 5 enters the courtroom by himself and sits in the same seat he has occupied for the last 4 months. The Judge wants to hear his story and he says something to the effect that he works a 1 week shift for 12 hours a day, seven days a week and then gets a week off and they have quit paying him , plus his father had a stroke and can't drive. This is the same juror who has worn an Easy Rider shirt into court, (who played a role in this movie?) , a SUN Records t-shirt, (think Ike & Tina ) and other assorted t's.

Juror # 5 goes back to the Jury room to say goodbye to his fellow jurors. He comes out first and leaves, and the jury is the brought in. In what seemed like a "game show moment", Judge Fidler draws Alternate # 3 from an envelope to be the new Juror # 5. The reason Joe says game show, it's because Alternate # 3 was surprised too and whooped it up.

Det. Tomlin is immediately put on a straight course from Asst DA Truc Do. She asks all the right questions, and get all the right answers. Even when Ms. Do gets a "sustained" , she keeps charging along...sometimes a tad too fast.And district Attorney Alan Jackson immedicately passes out transcripts to the jury. And the tape is played.

Doron Weinberg alluded to the jury that Det. Tomlin conducted sloppy follow up work on this case and it came back to haunt him as Judge Fidler ruled the audio tapes between Tannazzo and Det. Tomlin were to be played in court. THE TAPES WERE UGLY. At the Joan Rivers party, Tannazzo says Spector was firing the F-Bombs, "all women are fucking cunts and deserve a bullet in the head" over and over, again and again, at a Joan Rivers New Year's Eve party in New York.

The mantra for this trial is now officially, "I Think I Killed Somebody". Joe counted at least 50 times that either Truc Do or Mr. Weinberg said these words. Whineberg tried to change it a little but it's all the same..Det. Tomlin was a DEFENSE witness and is now a PROSECUTION witness.

Joe thinks this sink is shipping lunch break Phil bolted for the door. Either he needed to use the restroom real bad or he was pissed about the ruling. Either way I guess he used the restroom....but I guess we'll never know....

Just the facts, ma'am, Just the facts

Joe Friday
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Patricia said...

I just want to Thank you for this great Blog!!!! I have been searching since this trial started for updates, because no one seemed to think the second trail was important enough to carry live. I followed the first trial every day when it was televised and could not wait for the second trial to begin, only to find out....NO TRAIL ON TV. CourtTV AKA TruTV has gone to the dogs since CNN took over, I don't even turn it on anymore. I found your Blog last week and have checked it daily for updates. Thanks again for the great coverage.

Anonymous said...

Good show. Spector is going down. I can't stand Whineberg. He's a bully and petulant when he doesn't get his own way.

Anonymous said...


Oh I do love it when things go well for the prosecution. It has been that way for a good long time now, excellence will win in this case. As for the defense, sloppy seconds if you ask me.

I am happy to see the back of that juror, the clothing references seemed pro Spector to me and it was a bit troubling. I do wish him well though.

I can only imagine PS is having a little stomach trouble with the way things are NOT going his way. OJ not good for an old digestive system, hope it is not ethylene glycol sweet tasting but lethal. That is the cowards way out...but we already know that about him.

Thanks for all you bring...more please.

Anonymous said...


Where are you? Tell me you have been in that courtroom seeing all that has been going down. No, really tell us what the heck is going on with cheating defense lawyers and forgetful investigators and unsure of just about everything but the truth would be friends to the victim. What is up? We need your words to keep the ball rolling. Hurry back.

Come on and hit one out of the ballpark for us. Miss you.