Thursday, February 26, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Defense Gets Another 'Discovery ' Violation ~ WWF Smackdown with Defense Witness

Every time Joe thinks he has seen it all, he has to take it back. Today took
the cake!

1-Judge Fidler rules with Prosecution- Doron Weinberg gets hammered with another 'Discovery' Violation re witness Gregory Sims. Mr Sims, just happened to add a "few" things yesterday in his testimony that had never been heard before. Surely Mr Weinberg knew of this. DA Alan Jackson called for discovery violations, and this morning , Judge Larry Paul Fidler ruled with the Prosecution that indeed there is a 2nd Discovery violation by Mr Whineberg.

2-Gregory Sims- added that Lana was very, very, very depressed that night at his party. Something he forgot in the 1st trial. Ooops.......that allows DA Jackson to play tapes of Mr Sims as he proudly boasts on a Court TV interview BEFORE the 1st trial and says that Lana would not & could not ever pick up a gun and shoot herself. It just wasn't her. She was bubbly, charming, etc....He then stated that the reason he said that was because Court TV was an "entertainment " show and that was why he was there...oh well maybe he was a friend of Lisa Bloom at Court TV and she "pressed " him for the interview. Now he's blaming his friend, Ms. Bloom, at Court TV ( TRU TV) . Alan Jackson played the innocent Mr Sims saying such nice things about Lana....until yesterday when he basically portrayed her as suicide waiting to happen. Well after the Court TV tape was played over the objection of Mr Weinberg, Mr Sims looked like he could hide in the jury box. He stammered, he stuttered, he's toasted himself, right there in front of everybody.

Next witness: Jennifer Hayes- Now here is a freakin trainwreck about to about the REAL wives of Beverly Hills, blah blah blah.....Truely it was ..Punkin Pie this, and Punkin Pie that. No I was Pie's best friend , then Lana was, and you know Pie "REQUIRED that Lana and I both show up at her Backstage shows on Tuesdays. REQUIRED them....Is this a Pie Cult???. Oh my Goodness..a PIE CULT. Mr Sims added today that The PIE has been ill and hasn't been promoting. Will THE PIE SHOW UP NEXT WEEK????

Jennifer is Lana's "friend" who basically told the jury how much she loved Lana, blah , blah blah. But when Spector Investigator Tawny Tindle comes calling. it's a dump on Lana kinda interview.
" Quote: TD: Did you say Lana was the most selfish person Pie and I knew. Answer- She was.
TD Q-Did you say Lana would sleep with anybody or any dog? A:She might..
TD Q-Did you say to Ms Tindle that Lana had gained weight and was hiding.....

Then after 5 hours of telling Ms Tindle everything, you invite Ms Tindel, a defense investigator to a show that was being promoted by THE PIE....right,, well yes.
Q TD-Did she go . A: Yes.
Q TD-Who picked up the tab. A-Well she offered but I paid.....

Now the witness starts getting hostile. Combative. Shouting at Asst. DA Truc Do, Ms Hayes made NO friends during her testimony. In Joe's humble opinion both Hayes and Sims were eaten alive by the Prosecution today......Joe's's a slowly sinking ship....Weinberg can't keep up what it took 6 to accomplish last time....

Just the Facts' ma'am, just the facts, come back for more of todays action in the WWF SMACKDOWN!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well Joe you have seen it all and we have seen nothing so we are tied to your good words.

Oh happy day the judge rules with prosecution. What will happen to DW? Chains, dungeon duty at the castle or just dirty looks from all decent people in the courtroom?
I hope it is much much more.

Mr. Sims is a liar. We all heard him last trial say nice things about Lana. Ears and nose growing not confined to DW. Remember the jackass in Pinocchio?

Thank you for the lovely reminder of just what a pathetic friend and person that JHR woman is.

I only wish Ms. Truc Do was not such a refined lady, from what I have heard she most likely could have taken JHR out with one fingertip.

Ms.Pie can testify. Plop her in a wheelchair and push her down the aisle. It will only be an improvement from her last show case of Pugfaced Plopchest. More liars.I can only imagine the braying and snorting. Donkey, jackass, mule. You pick the title.

It still amazes me that some think this defense is doing a good job and have not committed any discovery violations. Joe, just what planet are these people from who still just do not get it? Phil is guilty and he knows his time as a free man gets shorter with each day.

Thanks for the good facts, the smackdown and the laughs. You still rock Joe!

Anonymous said...

Oops, so much braying I did not realize that it is now just JH...not JHR. Good for her, got rid of some of her baggage, now if only she had a brain. Oh, that is another fairy tale.

Thanks again Joe.

my2cents said...

Joe - Thanks for the great UPDATE. "Both Hayes and Sims Eaten Alive by the Prosecution" . . . Oh, how I got a chuckle out of that! AJ really is an extremely gifted lawyer. He is not the one you want to try and pull these "games" on. Thanks for the "entertainment" and the courtroom coverage. Much appreciated.

Do you happen to know who the witnesses will be for Monday? Is PIE suppose to be at bat next?

Jayne said...

You are the Man..if you are this point..I think you are..
just who the heck are you?

Anonymous said...

Once again your reporting has made my day. Thanks a lot for what you're doing for us.

Anonymous said...

Great synopsis of today's "show". It just goes to show that people who have been coached, paid or given promises of future connections make a big mistake telling fibs in court.

I can't imagine the jury is taken in at this point.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. You are the man! You may not go into as much detail as some other blogger, but your way more entertaining and get your message across even better!
Ilike getting just the facts, no who's who or fashion report!

Anonymous said...

Let me understand this. Judge Fidler held that there was nothing in the investigator’s notes from the meeting with Sims the night before he testified that was in any way relevant the proceedings and therefore the notes did not have to be turned over to the prosecution.

So the “discovery violation” was? Not phoning prosecutor Alan Jackson that night and telling him that Sims appeared to be a stronger witness for the prosecution that the first (and only other time) he testified?

Judge Fidler said “there no prejudice”—therefore there was no sanction against the defense even discussed.

So in what sense was the defense “smacked”, Joe?

Regarding the distasteful backstabbing cabal that Lana Clarkson hung out with 24/7, what does it say about her life that these were her closest friends?

Obviously, she did not have a very happy life.

Sprocket said...

Thanks for the compliment Joe. Do you have any thoughts on Hayes Reidl? Did it seem to you that she was oblivious to the implication of some of the questions that she was asked on cross? Like her answer to Truc asking her about what she said about the video tape?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon..Are you serious about your comment Obviously, she did not have a very happy life.

You must not know this case

The Observer-Los Angeles Trials said...

Hayes Reidel is a runaway train. One minute Lana is great, the next she's ragging on her. She rambles like OJ Simpson did back in the when he galloped all those yards.
Oh, forgot, he's in jail....