Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Tuesday February 17th, 2009 ~ Another Defense Witness Let's Lana Clarkson's voice be heard in Court

Joe here and once again the Phil Spector trial continues to amaze me. I thought that when the defense calls a witness they would side with them. Well so far, Joe has counted about 4 or 5 Spector defense witnessess's that have taken the stand and the prosecution may as well have had them as prosecution witness!

Today for example, John Baron, the playwriter that wrote "Brentwood Bombshells", which he cast Lana in, before her death was on the stand. She was dismissed 4 weeks later by the the producer as being abrasive, disruptive, and wanting to take over the entire production. John Baron the writer, did NOT stand behind her...she was doing HIM a a favor...Ok, Lana is actually thinking about quitting this low budget potential loser of a show , then gets fired, but writes the writer a very nice sorry, it didn't work out letter, basically no harm, no foul. But poor (honorable, more on this later) John Baron doesn't read this letter until about a month and a half after Lana's death.. The letter is compelling and believable. It is shown on the BIG screen. No anger, no treats,...A simple thanks....the prosecution left it on the big screen even while well respected Spector attorney Doron Weinberg is re-crossing..er, DW, leaving that powerful of a letter on the big screen for at least 15minutes had to be a prosecutor's dream, Mr Weinberg.

Now back to morning witness John Baron. His play, as Joe said, was called Brentwood Bombshells. Well guess what ...the play has changed, ( in Lana's honor) to reflect famous women who have been killed by famous men....(stay with me folks)

1-Marilyn Monroe-killed by Joe Kennedy Sr (his opinion)
2-Sharon Tate-killed by Manson gang
3-Nicole Simpson-killed by you know who
4-Princess Diana-killed by paparrazi or bright lights???
5-Lana "in her honor" Clarkson-killed by you know you

The other creepy thought that Mr Baron hired Lana because she had "connections" with Roger Corman, who produced the now infamous "Barbarian Queen". A MONTH AFTER Lana's death Mr. Baron, (in Lana's honor) put her picture and note on his website....his reason... to promote hs play...."well, it IS Hollywood" he said.... That's right, no respect for other people. Listen ..this guy fired Lana then tried to take advantage of her...sorry dude..no R_E_S_P E_C_T_ from Joe...........

Hello Mr Baron....Thank you so much... you read an e-mail into record today that was from Lana Clarkson to one of her fans...Lana said. "never give up, you can be an actress at any age".....ONCE AGAIN...LANA SPOKE IN COURT TODAY! MORE LATER...
NEXT WITNESS: Det Thomas Fortier.....stay tuned

Just the facts's ma'am, just the facts

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Anonymous said...

He's going down!

Spector's going down!

Anonymous said...

Great blog today and good points made my friend.

I feel that we have been hearing the voice of Lana Clarkson for a long time now. Every time Alan Jackson gets up to present he has her with him. He is her advocate. Truc Do asking Mrs. Clarkson questions was so very tender and poignant, female to female and Lana seemed to be there in the courtroom that day too.

Has anyone else beside me ever noticed that the names


are so very similar? The first names have the same letters, the last names so close in letters. Sure a coincidence...maybe.
Yep, Lana is there each day as far as I am concerned,with her family and those who are fighting for justice as her advocates during the retrial. I only hope the jury can catch the brilliant work done by the prosecution as they present the facts that show so clearly HPS is guilty.

Lana's birthday is April 5, would that not be a just day for all involved if HPS is found guilty on that day?

Thank You Joe, always a fan,

Anonymous said...

Good writing...points get across and you put "flavour" in your style and it's understandable. I enjoy reading your entries. I especially liked ". . . another defense wtness let's Lana Clarkson's voice be heard. . ." What can you add about David Shapiro..I remember his testimony from PS1 (IIRC)...what was his "story" this time?

The Observer-Los Angeles Trials said...

Lana and Alan are the same names...