Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jury to see The Castle ~ Phil Spector Trial ~ Rachelle Spector ordered to not be in the House

Well it's a little different this trial. The jury will no longer see Mr & Mrs Spector as they "greet" the new jury. Joe could have sworn last time there was apple pie and ice cream being served in THE CASTLE....well maybe not... but this time Rachelle Spector will not join her husband at the castle. Phil Spector is on trial, Chelle' didn't live there when the death occured. so where will she go?????
Shopping?? Computer classes??? CD buying spree at Tower....wait...they're closed...never mind.

The fountain issue is troublesome to Joe, as I'll bet you they have jacked up the sound....I can hear the judge with a bullhorn saying, " This is where Mr Spector said, " I think I killed somebody".....

Well once again. another DEFENSE witness becomes a PROSECUTION witness..this time David Shapiro. The struggling Whineberg tries his best to make Lana sound pitiful...but guess did not work in my humble opinion.....stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Slimeberg is somehow trying to suggest that because Marilyn Monroe was Lana's idol, that Lana may have committed suicide.

Phil Spector is going down.

Anonymous said...

Well Joe, will we see who is taking the Ben Ten position today as the jury has a little more prominence outside of the courtroom? This whole trip gives me the chills.

Happily the little missus will not be seen, my guess is she could be in that glass coffin HPS has in the dungeon. You know,the living dead? Sure would explain a lot. LOL

The defense just keeps shooting itself in the foot. They had better be careful since a jackass only has four of them. After that they will be flat on their backside.

Thank you to the prosecution for such great work again this past few weeks. It sure is nice to have a set of heroes around. We remain duly grateful.

Loved the bullhorn comment. That fountain is a big worry for me too.

Waiting for more words...thanks Joe, you rock!

Anonymous said...

No offense to Sprocket, I just enjoy your blog a lot more. You utilize a sense of humor throughout which makes a big difference.

Keep up the great work!