Thursday, February 5, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Dr Werner Spitz Flips out on the Stand ~ Question of Money Slows Phil Spector Trial

Breaking news....Renowned witness, Dr Werner Spitz, was on the stand today and was confronted by DA Alan Jackson regarding how much money he was being paid by Phil Spector. Basically he flipped out on the witness stand, causing Judge Larry Paul Fidler, to ask all parties to remain calm. It was unbelievably scary! Some of the jurors actually looked frightened at the craziness of the witness...ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the Phil Spector Trial....stay tuned for more details!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little bit about Dr Werner Spitz
One might think such a job requires somebody heartless and cold, but one meeting with Werner Spitz, MD, proves otherwise. "The fact that people are dead--it doesn’t bother me. I can do an autopsy on any kind of mutilated body and that doesn’t upset me one little bit," Dr. Spitz says. "In fact, it challenges me to find out more. How did it happen? Did they use a chainsaw? A knife? An ax? That intrigues the hell out of me. But what does upset me tremendously is talking to the family of a victim. That’s too hard for me."

Since coming to America from his homeland of Israel in 1959, Dr. Spitz has built a successful career as a forensic pathologist, toxicology consultant, and professor of pathology at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. He was the Wayne County Medical Examiner for 16 years and now serves in that role for Macomb County. He has served on committees investigating the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Jr., Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned after the car driven by Senator Edward Kennedy plunged off the Chappaquiddick Bridge. He has also served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile cases including the California Night Stalker, the Preppy Murder Trial in New York, and the wrongful death suit against O.J. Simpson. Presently, he is advising the Boulder, Colo., police in their investigation of the Jon Benet Ramsey case. He is the author and editor of the textbook, Medicolegal Investigation of Death, now in its third edition and considered to be the authoritative textbook in this specialty, worldwide.

Joe Friday

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Anonymous said...

Oh Joe, what a sight. I have said all along that DW has a growing nose because of his lies.

It seems that our very own Pinocchio has his puppet maker look a like Geppetto in the courtroom with him and it sounds like the old guy is angry about something. Maybe all of those lies are even getting to the experts. Nah...they only care about the money. We are waiting with open ears here Joe. Bring it on. Thanks for the 411

Anonymous said...

Good commentary. Keep it coming. What did Spitz exactly do when he flipped out"

Anonymous said...

Weinberg is not as good a lawyer as he thinks he is, and Phil Spector is going down.