Monday, February 9, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Dr. Spitz Frustrated on the Stand ~ Again ~ Judge Fidler Gives Verbal Reprimand

Well it was a chilly, windy, rainy Monday here is the city where in Never Rains...right....but ole Joe bit the bullet so to speak and headed downtown to that too familiar courtoom.

Basic details tonight as the Vending machine was out of Pepsi Maxx and there's a full moon cut to the chase joe,

Well, Dr Spitz was on the stand , Alan Jackson gave him an uppercut, Spector's attorney Doron Weinberg, tried to rehabilitate the good Dr., but this round goes to the Prosecution. Brillant job by Alan Jackson.

Possible discovery violations????? The jury left at 3pm and Weinberg and Jackson sparred about possible discovery violations by the Defense. It has never come out that the defense paid for the gun demonstations, but further inspections seem to back that up. On Tuesday outside the juty lawyers will cross Pecks regarding his testimony....and the judge will new court drama,,,awhhhhhhh
Joe Friday
Bage 714


Anonymous said...

Weinberg has broken so many rules - and I suspect laws.

He is acting more and more petulant. That's because he knows he's going to lose the case.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Dr. Spitz just can not play this game and expect to win against the upstanding Alan Jackson.

It seems DW is getting his hands slapped more often these days by the good judge. GOOD. DW is a disgrace to all good and honest lawyers that ever practiced law.. anywhere...ever.

So, we have Doctor, Lawyer that leaves Indian Chief. I know any
true blooded Indian Chief would not try to get away with those discovery violations...but a crooked murdering has been music producer might.

Thank You ... Waiting for the judge's rule on this one, let us only hope it is in the favor of all that is right.

Anonymous said...

Joe, where are you buddy? We have worked our way through Spitz, Pex and who knows who is next? Miss your clear as a bell descriptions and candid observations.

We miss you and you are missing all the good stuff if you are taking a little R and R away from Courtroom 106. Grab your Pepsi Maxx and hurry back.Cause today was da' bomb and our AJ lit the wick.Gotta love the AJ.

Anonymous said...

Where oh where has our Joe gone?

I think someone must have tried to chase you off to the vending machine for Pepsi Maxx and took your seat in the courtroom..hope not..we can use a different opinion around here too you know.

Please return to the keyboard and give us some words. You are missed.