Monday, March 23, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Prosecution States Their Case ~ Monday March 23 ~ The Shifting Sands of the Defense ~ The Defense Objects ~ The Judge Overules

Well folks, it's finally coming to an end. The courtroom was PACKED and this morning the prosecution's Truc Do laid it all out...and in my humble opinion, in a convincing manner. Ms. Do was methodical while telling the jury that Spector defense attorney Doron Weinberg will come to them with a few snippets of cherry picked quotes, e-mails and hired experts to refute the 40 year positive history of Lana Clarkson. She also said to watch him ignore over 12,000 positive e-mails that were never considered by his 'cash a paycheck' defense witnesses.

She told the story of Lana through the effective statements of five other women that testified that when Spector drank, he became a demonic monster. Objection screamed Weinberg, but he was quickly overuled by Judge Larry Paul Fidler. Ms. Do also argued that Weinberg had tried to confuse the jury many times with what she called "shifting sands" of the defense. When something did not work, they tried something else. Even the backdrop of her video presentation was a picture of sand blowing freely. She claimed that Weinbeg used evidence to his convenience during his opening arguments. For example, Weinberg. she claims, completly manipulated where the blood spatter on Lana Clarkson's wrist and hand was found. To prove this, she used slo-mo camera action of Judge Fidler that showed, for the record, what one prosecution witness saw ...blood on the back of the wrist and not where Weinberg tried to place it.

The use of video was also quite effective as the jury saw Diane Ogden tell about her harrowing episode with Spector. Ms. Do hammered the point home that when Phil drank, his demeanor changed, drastically. She showed pictures and quotes of five other women who all testified that Mr. Spector tortured them with a gun. The 6th person, Lana Clarkson was the unlucky one.

Ms. Do also let the jury know that "consciouness of guilt" can be used. For example, Mr. Spector confessed...Mr. Spector had 40 minutes to roam his house, washing his hands, wiping the gun, all the while ignoring 14 phones in his "castle" that he could have used to make a 911 call. She urged the jury to use their common sense. She said all of these actions point towards a guilty person. At the end of her argument the screen showed comments from Phil like "Women are all fucking cunts, and they all deserve a bullet in the head". The pictures of a blood soaked Lana Clarkson silenced the packed courtroom, as Ms. Do let the quotes and pictures speak for Lana. It was eerily quiet for a few minutes and then it was over.

Since the Prosecution only used half a day for their closing, Doron Weinberg told the Judge he could not start his argument today and the Judge ordered the jurors back to court on Tuesday morning.

Joe thinks this was good strategy, but also thinks that Weinberg may need a week to change his one shot closing arguments, after Ms. Do TOLD the jury what he would say. Tommorrow, Weinberg and then DA Alan Jackson steps to the plate. Watch out...the fireworks are far from over.



Patricia said...

WOW....Great coverage. TruDo did a great job, can't wait to hear what AJ does.... Thanks for the update.

Barry said...


Great report! Can you comment on how well she connected with the jury and how the jury seemed to respond?

Anonymous said...

Wow Joe, I asked for words and you, like Ms. Do, did not disappoint!!!

I am over the moon at what I just read about this fine prosecutor's closing. So close am I to the stars
that I can once again feel the glow shining brightly due to the fine work done by this prosecution team this retrial. Truly Stellar. :)

Once again the defense is caught off surprise there for me.

Ms.Do presenting today for Lana was brilliant planning and has touched me deeply as I am sure it has many others. Let us hope the jury saw with fine clarity the truth as told by one woman defending the honor of another. Telling the truth, Lana's truth. I am so very wowed ...just WOW

I can not wait to have Alan Jackson finish the deed with his fine ways and deft touch. What a great team they make. Just gotta love these classy pros.

More Joe, more please...oh and thank you Joe. :)

Anonymous said...

Great reporting, is there any television or internet coverage of the actual closings?