Monday, March 9, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Monday March 9th ~ TRU TV's Lisa Bloom Sets Witness Greg Sims Straight ~ Why Did He Change His Testimony?

Sometimes Tru TV doesn't give people a Tru picture of their personality. Lisa Bloom, the court reporter for TRU TV took the witness stand today as a Prosecution out of order witness and she was teriffic AND BEAUTIFUL! She was there to counter the testimony of DEFENSE witness Greg Sims. She basically shot Greg Sims in the foot.

Once again, a defense witness has now gone over to the prosecution side.

Folks, Doron Weinberg has his solo work cut out for him. Joe feels this jury is ready for the trial to be over, as they had to listen to Mr Weinberg pontificate over & over & over. Outside the presence of the jury, WE had to listen to the endless whining of what the Prosecution could and could not do, according to Doron "play with my lip" Weinberg.

Ms Bloom, daughter of Gloria Allred, told the jury that she interviwed Greg Sims
( Lana's "friend") during the 1st Trial on TV and she told the jury that basically his testimony changed?????

Once again, Asst DA Truc Do took on DEFENSE expert Dr."Did I Say That" Seiden and again effectively dressesd him down.

Also, Rachelle Spector's plea's for defense courtroom spectator support has fallen apart. The "support" consisted of Weinberg's wife, Chelle's Mom, and Defense investigator Tawny Tindle. PLEASE, SOMEBODY COME TO COURT TO SHOW SUPPORT FOR PHIL...IT'S EMBARRASSING THAT HIS FRIENDS HAVE ABANDONDED HIM...HELP.....SEND THE CALVARY!

Other witnesses today caused Joe to take a nap. Can I say they need Pepsi Max in the vending machine. Would have sold like crazy today.

More tommorrow, but for now,
Just the facts ma'am, just the facts

Joe Friday
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Anonymous said...

Joe, I just knew that AJ and Truc would lift our spirits by bringing on Lisa Bloom, also knew that she would be the cat's pajamas. DW unable to pierce her unflappable demeanor partly because she was telling the truth. Imagine that, DW up against the truth and he surprise there.

I am really ticked that DW thinks he can tell anyone much less the dedicated and talented Prosecution what to do and when to do it...what is that crap all about?

The good judge worries about appeals and I worry that our AJ and Ms. Do will need years on the Amalfi coast in Italy just to get some semblance of peace back into their lives.

Dr. Seiden showing his true colors up against the gifted Ms. Do...that was going to happen eventually. Your words "she dressed him down," Gee, was she able to denude him? Shades of Bruce Cutler. One only hopes so.

TruTV has once again let us down, badly!

Instead of some sugar or caffeine laden soft drink to get some verve in that courtroom, how about a defense that takes the high road? Where just the smell of clean fresh air can give all the boost a body needs. While visiting there DW, if they even let you in, be sure to stop by and visit Alan Jackson and Truc Do, since that is where they reside and practice law the way it should be practiced.

See you there Joe, you seem to like the air up there too. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Joe, Joe, Joe, where are you?
I miss you. We miss you. I miss you almost as much as I miss seeing and hearing Alan Jackson each day as I did during PS1. Hurry back. We are past the Ides Of March and heading onto April Fool's Day. March Madness so aptly named when reading about this trial this month. Give us some facts man.

Jayne said... do such a great job on this blog and I appreciate the opportunity to be able to come here and read your thoughts on the Spector trial. I am quite sure it was a "typo"..when you posted in reference to Chelle calling in the "Calvary" (rather than the Cavalry)..but it seems to a "Spectorian Slip"..did you meant it to be? (as in "crucified"?)

keep up the great are truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Bloom's program is just the best. I love Lisa (and her Mom). Regarding the Phil Spector trial: how can anyone say they can't put the gun in Spector's hand when an eyewitness (the driver)said he saw him standing in the doorway with the gun in his hand. Who grabs a gun out of the hand of a woman that has just shot herself?

Anonymous said...

Phil Spector is a murderer. He has a long history of abusing women with guns. Even his children were threatened with guns. Why would anyone want to excuse this miserable person of murder? The eye witness said he SAW Spector with the gun in his hand in the doorway. Who takes a gun out of woman's hand that just committed suicide? Use your head.