Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ The Defense Does A David Letterman in Closing Arguements ~ Will Stupid Pet Tricks Be Next?

The Letterman thing....Doron Weinberg's Top 14 reason's why Phil Spector is innocent...

Well Joe was in the Courtroom to watch Phil Spector Defense attorney, Doron Weinberg do his thing. Things started off like they almost always do-Weinberg either asking for a mistrial or protesting ( a day late ) that in her closing arguments, Ms. Truc Do used a picture of Judge Fidler, describing for the record, where a witness was pointing to blood material on Lana Clarkson's hand. Your honor, said Mr Weinberg, The Prosecution misused the Judge's image in this trial and it looks as though the jury could concur that you are a witness. DA Alan Jackson stood by the call, and the Judge agreed that no harm was done.

In low tones, Doron Weinberg started his closing arguments. He claimed he would put on a straight forward case. Weinberg continued that it had been a long case and thanked the jury for their patience (no kidding ) and told them how great it was hearing the laughter and bonding that was going on in the jury room. (Brown Noser?)Maybe so, but I observed more than one juror who looked fed up, tired and ready to go home.

Weinberg continued...I'm sure you as a jury could say, it looks like Phillip could have done it. You could also probably say he probably did it, but we think you are the kind of people who really listened to the evidence.......we feel you are honest ,fair people.

Then Weinberg trashes Dr Lynn Herold.....Don't you remember, Weinberg asked her "Can you say that Phil Spector pulled the trigger? Answer No
Of course she can't say that...only ONE person can, and he didn't take the stand.

Now Weinberg trashes ALL the women who took the witness stand against Phillip. I guess he has to ..bad idea Joe thinks.....DA Alan Jackson almost finished his closing and that comes tommorrow. Tick, Tock, Tick Tock, the silence of Jackson's clock quieted the courtroom today. He stopped and paused for 1 solid minute..some jurors put their head down...think if Jackson had silence for a full 40 minutes, indicating the time it took police to get in Spector's house...What happened in those 40 long minutes??

You know what..I can't write anymore about this crap.....it's OVER...I am done..and I will finish with what Doron Weinberg said in his closing arguments to the jury
" Looks like he did it, you could probably say he did it"...Joe is DONE, OVER WITH IT
Joe thinks so is Phil......


Anonymous said...

Joe, you sound like DW has finally
fried your last nerve man. WE feel the same way and let us hope the jurors see right through him.

Phil Spector, I think he did it too...no really I do! :(

Alan Jackson to finish today. He is the best! I wish we could all be there for that...I can't wait!

Thanks so much Joe, please keep the words flowing this way.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Weinberg trashing the women who came forward. Very, very bad move and this will piss off women jurors.

Additionally, just the day before Weinberg told the jury to ignore the women's testimony. Yet he brings them up again himself and attacks them. He must be scared out of his mind about that. It's over. Spector is going down. The prosecution put on a much better case this time -and even in the first trial they had ten jurors who wanted to convict. This time it's a slam dunk.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe - you have provided some interesting comments over the past many weeks.

Anonymous said...

I personally think Ms. Do was nervous and blew the close for the prosecution, that Doron Wienberg was highly effective, and that Alan Jackson overplayed his "aw shucks mam" Texas routine.

Anonymous said...

Phil probably did it. And I Thank You because this is the only place I could really find to know a little of what was going on in the trial.

With that said, I hope Phil is found not guilty just to knock you off your soap box. This blog is so one-sided that it's completely unbelievable that most of it happened the way you said.

You're Pro Prosecution, but really...

Anonymous said...

Joe, I love your comments, as you have a knack for cutting to the heart of things.-- hope you will make at least one more report on this.

Weinberg didn't have much to work with, but if he hadn't been so difficult, perverse and at times downright disrespectful, I think it might actually have helped his client.

As it is, I think he's hammered another nail into the door that won't open again after Phil gets put behind it.

Anonymous said...

I personally think that Truc Do did an effective job for the prosecution, that Doron Weinberg was too dreary and condescending and contradictory.

"Ignore those women who said he pulled a gun on them." The next day,"By the way, remember those women I told you to ignore. Well let me trash them anyway. Those women are telling those stories for tabloid monetary gain."

The facts are this: Spector never called 911. Never. He was not just uncooperative with police, shouting four letter words and refusing to take his hands out of his pockets, but he had to be tasered.

Doesn't matter if Truc Do was nervous ( I was there and I don't think she was) but the facts are the facts.

And by the way, it's spelled Weinberg, not Wienberg.

Anonymous said...

Joe, please do not tell me you have run away to Kokomo or some such place! When things heat up again in the courtroom, please post your observations to us. You tell it like it is and we need to see it and hear it from your perspective too.

Thanks Joe, you still rock!

Anonymous said...

Fur will be flying today in that courtroom JOE! OR will it?

Seems that DW has made a lot of his CA public in black and white for all to read in the newspaper. IS that legal? The case has not been brought to a verdict and he is making wide sweeping claims against the DA and all LA LE for that matter. Will Judge offer sanctions today in court? Please bring us the facts JOE. We love what you know.

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Joe -

Whineberg did an OP-ED on the Spector case in the LA Times today- WHILE the jury is deliberating.

He should be sanctioned by the Bar Association.

I hope you have not abandoned us for good. We want more commentary!