Monday, March 16, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Linda Kenny Badin ~ The Woman In Black Returns ~ Dominic Dunne Predicts the Outcome!

Joe is back and here to report that today's court session saw former Spector attorney Linda Kenney Baden show up as a guest..or was it an urgent call from Phil for a rescue??? Ms Baden was dressed in black from head to toe, maybe in mourning or just to hide a few things. Oh, that was so bad, Joe.

The Prosecution closed their rebuttal case today, leaving Spector attorney Doron Weinberg to call I am not sure who, to rebut I don't know what. If he calls The Pie, she will be grilled about the Christmas letter that accused Spector of taking her "friend" Lana's life. Not a good idea, in Joe's opinion.

Called today was Nick Terazin, Lana's print agent. He had gotten Lana a job that was to start a few week's after her death. Lana was looking forward to this job, so suicide seems a bit of a stretch since she was ready to get back to work.

Closing arguments could begin next Monday.

As far as Dominick Dunne's prediction of the outcome of the case, I will tell you this...When he came to Court, I asked him to autograph one of his books and write down his opinion of the outcome. When the trial is over, I will tell you what he wrote. Want to guess????

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Anonymous said...

My Guess is that DD wrote "Phil WILL GO TO JAIL, GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL. HE WILL NOT PASS GO EVER AGAIN. HE WILL NOT COLLECT $200 OR ANY OTHER AMOUNT FROM RECORD ROYALTIES ANY LONGER." Then he probably did a little happy dance. Since DD likes to see Justice served and he is so eloquent his words were more graceful...but you get my drift...LOL

Anonymous said...

A no-brainer: Dominick predicts Spector will be convicted.

Since it was 10 to 2 for conviction last time - and the prosecution has put on an even better case this time, it's clear that Spector is going down.

Anonymous said...

Joe, those dark shadows in the form of former defense team members are a thing of whimsy. Just like the wee leprechaun we all like to imagine on this joyful day of celebration frolics about with charms of gold and rainbows aplenty. Mere smoke and mirrors, no substance!

On the other hand, we have the real nitty gritty in the form of the formidable prosecution and even better than last time, they are ready for the good fight to culminate.

DW seems to be in a pickle..again. No surprise there.

Dominick Dunne, ever so clever he is, also knows the real skinny and he most likely wrote to you in big letters....GUILTY.... I love a man who has a way with words.

Thank You Joe, now go kiss someone who is Irish. It will help with all the blarney in that courtroom from PS and his team.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid of jinxing the verdict by calling it, but, my vote is guilty and I think the prosecution has done a great job, in fact think that some of the work will go down in law school history books as examples of effective cross examination.

woot said...

GUILTY OF MURDER!!! Joe, there is a pic of PS giving the finger while staring at prosecutors that shows what a narcissistic MF, POS he really is!! Would look great accompanying your writings of the final

Anonymous said...

Is the court keeping a close eye on Phil until the verdict of guilt? Sure hope so. As we know, Phil is a coward who has never taken responsiblity for his low actions. I predict guilt. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Not a fan anymore

Anonymous said...

Not so fast, Joe.

I predict a NG verdict following 4 days of deliberations.

OK, I just made that up, but no one really knows what the jury will do with this case.

Anonymous said...

No one in the jury ever looks at Spector -ever.

Weinberg can bombasticate and splutters and rolls his eyes and make faces all he wants -but his client is still going down.

It's a slam dunk for the excellent prosecution. AJ should win all kinds of awards for his work on this case.

Anonymous said...

OK Joe, you only gave us one day's worth of words these last few weeks. I hope you will be there for the CA and will blog each day with some observation or two or three.

It is getting down to the wire now and anything can happen. We want your common sense approach and inside track on the real skinny each day too. The more information the merrier and we crave your style.

Hurry back and bring on the facts, a fan!