Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Tears from Jennifer Hayes Reidel ?? ~ Pepcid

Don't know if ole Jennifer read what Joe observed last time when "Lana's " good friend was on the stand, cause she let loose Wednesday. When asked about Lana by Spector attorney Doron Weinberg, she got emotional, her eyes were red as Ms. Hayes-Reidel could barely contain herself. She was there to tell the " truth " about Lana. Most of those Joe talked to said she was not believeable and once again the witness lost her cool with Asst DA Truc Do. A no-no for a defense witness. Last week after answering questions from Ms. Do, Hayes would answer and then sometimes mutter under her breath the word...unbelievable

Then when asked by Ms. Do what she does now, she lashed out that this trial has ruined her life, she will never speak to the press again. Promise? Trying to answer a question, Ms Hayes blurted out “ I am sick to my stomach”. (cue the Pepcid). She told the jury she has lost everything because of this trial.

Guess what, so did somebody else.....

Truc Do once again calmly hammered at inconsistent statements by the witness.

More on the next witness soon, BUT Mr Weinberg did indicate that he will possibly wrap up this week which probably means no expert testimony from Michael "a-ha moment" Badin. Does this mean that Pie will be the last witness. Joe sure hopes so, as the furs will it Dan'o.

The Court will help assist Mr. Weinberg, as court will be in session this Friday as well. Think the Judge is ready for a vacation? Think Phil & Chelle are ready for a staycation???

Well Joe just heard that court MAY NOT be on for this Friday, maybe next Friday...oh the legal manuevering...

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts

Joe Friday
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Anonymous said...

Great blog Joe, I am not surprised at the show in the courtroom yesterday by JHR.

I guess she was never told to surround herself with excellence like some of us were as we were groing up. Her association with Pie and the defense side of the courtroom only proves that people judge you by the company you keep. Tears, probably a few beers for her, but not any cheers that is for sure.

Old DW trying to manipulate AJ..not gonna happen. Gotta love Ms. Do always a top act.

Changing the court's usually no Friday someone said not too long ago...UNBELIEVABLE

TY Joe