Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ NO Court on Tuesday ~ Phil Spector has Surgical Procedure

Well folks, for some reason Phil had a surgical procedure over the weekend and Court was cancelled on Monday & Tuesday. There is a possibility of Court resuming Wednesday. The alleged surgery that Phil may have had was reportedly for throat nodules and had been planned earlier but for some reason postponed until now.

This of course slows down the trial process and the notion that Spector Attorney Doron Weinberg said there was only two more weeks left in the trial is not going to happen. Heck, it could take that long for Pie.

Just the facts, ma'am
Just the facts.
Joe Friday
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What, me worry?


Anonymous said...

Again, delay, smoke and mirrors. I hope little Philbie has a note for Judge Fidler stating that he indeed had his "procedure" since it is not like he could ever be trusted...about anything.

I had one of those deep drawing in breaths when I got to your site today though. I really hate to see the beautiful Lana next to the beast like that. Moreover, it makes me crazy to think of her forever linked to this mad man. The guilty verdict will make that easier to think about soon.

Thanks for the words, tomorrow is just a day away.

Anonymous said...

The pictures...three of them now...

Talk about a ROSE between two thorns. That is being way too kind.

thanks for the info Joe

Anonymous said...

Nice (albeit completely unfair) juxtaposition of images: Spector’s B&W booking photo, along side Clarkson's professional headshot.

Beauty and the beast, right?

Of course the more temporally accurate photographic juxtaposition would be to lay out the booking photo next to the post mortem chair photo.

Anonymous said...

Joe, Hey where are you? I always love reading your take on the courtroom antics. Drama of course, name of the game there and we need a fix. Others are okay to read, but you have that certain slant. Hurry back and give us the real skinny on JHR and what lies ahead.

Thanks Joe,