Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Is Rachelle Spector Facing Lawsuits and Penalties

Insiders in the criminal courts of Los Angeles were buzzing about an admonishment from Judge Larry Paul Fidler to Phil Spector's wife, Rachelle on Wednesday January 17th.

The admonishment involved a web site alleged to be from

The website shows less than flattering pictures of a courtroon blogger known as Sprocket. Make no mistake, the majority of her blogs are pro-prosecution, but she has also mentioned points scored by the defense. Sprocket occasioanlly gives her opinion of The Spectors daily wardrobe, which seems to have set off the Spectors'.

The Judge ruled on Wednesday that these photographs were illegal as no pictures, unless approved by the Judge are allowed. Judge Fiedler said "the court took this matter seriously". At this time. Rachelle Spector's website remains up with new pictures being added.

Legai experts contacted by Joe Friday said Sprocket could have legal recourse since the court room photographs are illegal and possibly photo-shopped to make Sprocket look less than flattering. Will she sue The Spectors? Joe Fridays insiders say "watch out" .


Anonymous said...

hardly...what is Sprocket going to claim? Unflattering photos? Heck there are many of them with many celebrites..not to mention among families.

The point I see is WHAT is the court going to do about a VIOLATION of it's matter what or who the photo was about. Sprocket is not the Court's Pet, here...she's a regular visitor..and been once, allegedly, spoken to kindly by the judge in PS1..something she can pass down to generations..share it on her website or just take to her grave. That's Sprocket..whatever she thinks is best or serves the moment.

What Chelle did in posting those photos and her Nasty comments was a typical High School or Middle School battle with another...whoever wears the best costume..or doesn't...or whose boyfriend did this or that. THING IS though..Chelle is a MAJOR person in this trial, SPROCKET is not..she's simply an observor and blogger (and yeah..she does write well despite typos that we ALL make! :)..HI SPROCKET)

If CA follows through..Rachelle will be put in contempt of court..fined...maybe even jailed if hubby can't bail her out...

lawsuits? I don't think Sprocket would do that..but ya never know what one might do.



Anonymous said...

I hope the judge brings the hammer down on Chelle. She is a pathetic low-life. Otoh, Sprocket is a class act who continues to do a stellar job of bringing news of this trial to people across the globe. We are all grateful to her.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sprocket has a case here. The photos look like they were taken OUTSIDE of the courtroom: one shows Sprocket at a public phone; another shows her walking up the outside steps of the court building.

Also, while I admire Sprocket for her dogged blogging of the SpectorII trial, if she writes catty remarks about Rachelle Spector's appearance & clothing, Sprocket should be prepared to have the same done to her.

Ferguson said...

Surprise, surprise, we have captured the ORIGINAL photos which were posted and then taken down of Sprocket inside the courtroom.

She can take them down and put these new ones up, but the proper people involved in this do have
the original photos.

It doesn't matter if Sprocket is a minor or major person in this case. Photography of any person inside this courtroom is strictly prohibited. And yes, I do hope Judge Larry Fidler does come down on RS harshly because otherwise how else is she going to get the message?


ps. Nice blog-just discovered it today and will mention it on

Anonymous said...

I believe that Sprocket should take as good as she gives. Sure, it may have been wrong, but it still got the message across.
If Sprocket sues the Spector's, she will just have to get in line. By the time they get to her, there will be nothing left for her.Ha!Ha!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are purposefully distorted to make Sprocket even look bigger than she actually is.

Rachelle's saying to the world that she's better than the rest of us and can get away with anything, even if it goes above a Judge's rules. What a dumbass!

Anonymous said...

If it is unlawful to take photos inside the courtroom, why are those 3 pics of Sprocket still up on Rachelle Spector's blog?

Also, speaking as a woman, I wish females would STOP attacking each other by catty remarks about their physical appearance. Men don't do that.

Sprocket should stop describing in painstaking catty details how unattractive Rachelle is, and Rachelle stop publishing allegedly distorted pics of an obese Sprocket. Neither's physical appearance has much of anything to do with their moral character or the murder trial of Phil Spector!

~Corrina said...

Hey Anon,
I respectfully disagree. Some men I know gossip just as much as the women. They can be just as petty in their own way.

It would be great if everyone played nice, but unfortunately that's not the way the world works at this point and Rachelle has done her level best to make enough people lose respect for her.

IMO as of late I don't see Sprocket slamming Rachelle's appearance-just describing it, but she also describes other peoples' appearances too. Unfortunately none of us can SEE this trial (I don't know about you-I'm still mad about that!) She is trying to be as descriptive as she can and that includes appearances. JMHO.

Anonymous said...

The "profile" of the owner of this blog tells us absolutely nothing. This blog was created right after Rachelle Spector posted Sprocket's photos on RS's blog. The timing, as well as several comments defending Sprocket, suggests that either Sprocket herself or a friend is the owner of this blog.

I have no problems with Sprocket defending herself. But it would be nice if she would just do it out in the open, on her own "Trials and Tribulations" blog.

John said...


Speaking for myself-as a supporter of Sprocket and as one of the top contributors to , I can assure you I had absolutely NO idea this blog existed until when I discovered it fairly recently.