Saturday, December 20, 2008

Phil Spector's Lawyer Tries to Create Confusion?? More Highlights

Phil Spector's lawyer, Dorian Weinberg, attempted one of the most bizare courtroom antics as he deliberately tried to confuse star witness, Adriano De Souza. In what would amount to an awkward moment, DW asked Mr DeSouza: "You really didn't hear Phllip Spector say 'I think I killed someone'?".
AD: "YES I did".

DW: (Turning his back to witness and in a low tone) mumbled something to the witness. The judge said please don't turn your back on the witness when asking a question.The Court Reporter can't even hear you. She nods her head in agreement.
DW stated he was merely speaking in the same tone as Mr Spector did that night.


To the amazement of everyone DW Once again MUMBLES another question and it's way too obvious to everyone.

AJ: OBJECTION He is Mumbling again!!

Side bar
The Judge tells the jury to go to lunch recess, jurors excused.

Attorneys stay present and DW immediately accuses Mr Jackson of getting away with theatrics, so why not him?
Judge: Mr Weinberg, it is my duty to not let the jury be confused and that is what you are doing.
DW: Shoulder shrug, face contorts, Mr Weinberg rolls his eyes

Judge: And no more rolling your eyes at me when I make a ruling you don't like.

Lunch break. Joe Friday thinks the judge is REALLY pissed at Mr. Weinberg.

Court In session w/o Jury

DW makes a statement to the affect that he felt he was dressed down by the judge in front of the jury . He makes a motion for mistrial.

Later during recess, I overhear one spectator lawyer say that was one of the strangest things he had ever seen a defense lawyer or for that matter, any lawyer attempt.

This is one strange case, as DW spars OVER & OVER with DeSouza, about the word "I think I killed someone". It must have been repeated 50 times to try and show language barriers from the Brazialian born limo driver, Adriano De Souza. DW persists about language, visas, being in the country legally. Blah, blah, blah...
DW: Do you speak Portuguese at Home only?
AD: Yes, unless an American is present and then we speak English.

Finaly AJ redirects and as directed by the Judge, has Mr De Souza repeat gun demonstration from the previous day. Weinberg was supposed to do this but he obviously forgot. Hello, the door is OPEN to Alan Jackson.

AJ, brilliant as he is, directs the witness to stand not in the witness box, but right in FRONT of the Jury. The gun is scary looking. DW objects as to where AD is holding the gun.
DW: It is 2 degrees lower than yesterday.

Big deal. Then in another brilliant move, while AD was in front of the jury,
AJ to AD: Please repeat what Mr Spector said to you when he walked out the door with this gun in my hand.
AD looking directly at the jury: Mr Spector said, "I think I killed somebody"
AJ: Are you 100% sure?
AD: Yes, that is what he said.

Score one for the Prosecution


~Corrina said...

Is it just me or do I sense the racist undertones here? DeSouza's "questionable" legality as a citizen, or his thick, "overpowering" accent, hard to understand (when in fact HE was having a hard time understanding the 911 operator if I recall correctly)..or how he might not have a solid enough grasp on the English language (but then again, how many of us really do?)
I find it a tad bit on the insulting side to Mr. DeSouza.
It reminds me of the days in which Bruce Cutler brought up DeSouza taking a "siesta!"

Anonymous said...

Joe, Weinberg and company seem to be pushing all the wrong buttons lately...alerting the judge and the jury to their racial slurs against the stellar Adriano De Souza and also to a respected and dedicated prosecutor. Bringing attention to his daily antics as a hypocrite and nit picker eye roller mumbling noise maker again..not a button that goes unnoticed by the jury. Unless he is of American Indian heritage, he is also an immigrant as are most of us to this great country. AJ knows Weinberg's many faults and will manage to work his remarkable skills and the truth past the poor lawyering and flawed character of the defense to justice this time.

Anonymous said...

Love your blogs! You and mControl should hook them together Mr. Friday! Are you attending the trial daily? Just got this blog address from - keep up the good work.