Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Doron Whineberg Grasps for Bloggers ~ A Juror Has the Flu

Well Joe has seen it all...a defense attorney now blaming bloggers for messing up his strategy. Oh, and the LA Times online editorial that prompted him to get his NSA suicide stats on the record in the Times...remember they were disallowed by Judge Fidler in Whineberg's closing arguments.

This conduct is beyond crazy. It is ridiculous that Whineberg accused a blogger ( I almost stood up ) of reporting information before he knew it. Hello are you awake Mr. Whineberg??? The court clerk announced it..Then Mr Whineberg ( am I spelling his name wrong?)wants to go to the Judge's chamber to discuss the matter. Ooops, er sorry Doron, let's keep this in the courtroom, Fidler responds. Whinberg says he really doesn't read blogs but someone has informed him (Chelle?)that these pesky bloggers are making his life miserable....oh how horrific. He really believes that these "bloggers" have ties to the Prosecution....Whineberg clarifies that his comments were online only and that you had to go look for it..Uh Doron have you heard of a Google Search for Phil Spector. We urge you to pay attention...then Wendy, Judge Fidler's clerk speaks up when Mr. Weinberg first talks about this and tells him that he was called. She then adds, "For the record, I’ve announced it to the PIO and they announce it to the court."

Joe, over & out


Sprocket said...

I thought it was pretty comical myself Joe.

CaliGirl9 said...

You bloggers are going to end up being "case studies" for journalism schools and media law classes.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing moment in journalism history, and you guys are at the front of the line!!!

Anonymous said...

Joe, Whineberg will keep on throwing mud until he finds some that sticks. Truly despicable. Wha Wha Whineybot forgot that when you point a finger there are three pointing right back at you. He defends child molesters. His well known client, a psychiatrist who was entrusted to help, forever ruined many a life. Cry me a river Whineface, that you do marginally well. Not looking good for him with child molesters and murderers as clients who can ask for anything more? Is he looking for Osama Bin Laden next? Wagging his finger back and forth saying, "Oh, that Tali-Ban" Ridiculous just like his accusations. Hang in there Joe, we need you and all of the others who give us the real deal each day.

Thanks Joe, you rock!

Anonymous said...

Let's see. Whinberg gets an op ed into the Times WHILE the jury is deliberating, but wants to censor a blogger?

I detect the sweet smell of flop-sweat.

Go Joe Friday, Go Sprocket.

Can't wait to see Whineberg's face when he loses this case.

Carol L Beck said...

If Sprocket is too pesky for him let him keep whining. She is my hero!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And now the jury is out til April 6. Will Whineberg publish more op-eds? Maybe drive by the jurors' houses in the hopes of running into them?

This case needs to end now. The jury seems very coddles to me.

Anonymous said...

Joe, please give us a report when you can. I think you might not be in the courtroom all of the time now and just have no facts to share. When that verdict rolls in I hope you are front and center and can give us the real skinny. Can't wait.

Thank You Joe, always a fan!

Anonymous said...

Joe, where did you go? We need your pithy commentary.

Anonymous said...

Joe, where are you? They've reached a verdict!!!No mistrial.