Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phil Spector Trial ~ Dominick Dunne's Prediction ~ Joe Friday

Well here it is...as promised...The prediction of the legendary Dominick Dunne regarding the outcome of this case. A while back, Joe asked Mr. Dunne for his autograph and prediction of the outcome. Now it's here for all to see. First the cover of the autographed book.

Dominick wrote "See ya in Court"

Now the prediction......

Our thoughts go out to Mr. Dunne, he's a real trooper. If you haven't read
"Justice" or any of his other books, do yourself a favor and pick one up.
Just the facts ma'am,
just the facts
Joe Friday
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See ya May 29th


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe

katfish said...

Thank you Joe! That was nice of you to share that with us. I'm sure that book is special to you.
Best wishes to you and Mr. Dunne!

Anonymous said...

I will read "Justice". He is a gifted writer and wonderful person. You are a lucky Joe to have that book my factual friend. Along with his other talents, Mr. Dunne is also obviously very astute. He knew the wee insect man was guilty too. Thank you for sharing. What a sweetie, the book and you too Joe. Stay around for the sentencing and long after too I hope. Love your words.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! (Bonnie Russell here. I told Dominick about it.)

Red Hawk said...

Joe, you and Dom know the score. Thanks for seeing us through this spectacle. Phil is where he deserves to be, and I hope he finds it a very uncomfortable place.